Your Website Needs Quality Back Links

Your Website Needs Quality Back Links

When it comes to back links to your website there really are just two basic kinds. The first kind is links of quality and the second kind is those that are not. Quality links come from Authority sites that are relevant to your websites content.

As an example: If your website is real estate related, you preferably want links to come from real estate related websites. Links within related content or categories scores higher in relevancy to your sight and are weighted heavier in the search engines. Plus, relevant links from sites of Authority are weighted heavier in the search engines.

Back links to your website are really just like votes in an election. With just one little twist, high quality links count much more than poor quality links. As a reference point, one relevant link from an Authority site could easily be worth thousands of poor quality links.

So what is relevance? Relevance is how closely the content between the two linking websites relates to each other. You can get relevance in a couple different ways. You can go to the webmasters of those sites working in the same niche as you and request links. Just keep in mind that these are probably your online competitors. Another way to get relevant links is by submitting your site to directories.

Directories place links to websites within category structures that are highly relevant to the content of the listed websites. They do this by using keywords, category descriptions and meta tags within each category to match the content in each category.

There are directories that require a fee for reviewing your website prior to listing it and there are free directories. The difference between the two is the difference between quality and quantity. If you decide to go with free directory submissions, be prepared to submit to thousands of free directories before you get the return of one quality Authority directory.

There are some methods to getting back links that you should be careful to avoid. Those are purchasing text links from brokers and reciprocal links. Both of these methods are getting more scrutiny from the search engines and being devalued.

A good link building campaign does take time. Don’t expect to put in a days work and be done. You should expect to allocate time every week to build links to your site for an indefinite time period. At least as long as you own and operate the website.

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