Your Essential Camping Checklist

Your Essential Camping Checklist

For some campers who are stressed out by packing because they cannot distinguish what’s essential and what’s not, those that are tempted to bring the whole house just to make sure they have not forgotten anything, or are apprehensive about the thought that they missed putting something important on their checklist, here’s a helpful checklist that is divided into categories to ensure that you’re not forgetting anything and to make packing easier.

Camping gear

1. A reliable and durable tent. Choose one that has sturdy poles, durable fabric, heavy duty zippers and sufficient ventilation to make the atmosphere inside the tent fresh and breezy.

2. Comfortable sleeping bag with insulation for cold nights.

3. A lantern and flashlight to provide you with light.

4. Catalytic heaters like the Coleman SportCat ™ Perfectemp™ Catalytic Heater specifically designed to be used indoors or in enclosed areas such as tents.

5. Portable water heater

6. Ropes and strings that can be used for a variety of purposes: putting clothesline, pitching up the tent and many others.

7. Plastic bags for storage and trash.

Food and Cookware

1. Cooking utensils such as pots, pans, spatula.

2. Dining utensils like spoons, forks, knives, plates. It’s a good idea to pack sporks which are a combination of spoon and fork to save space in the bags.

3. Camp stove or grill

4. Fuel for the stove

5. Meal ingredients which are previously measured at home and placed in resealable plastic bags with labels.

6. Snacks

7. Water

First Aid Kit

1. Dressings like pads, sterile eye pads, sterile gauze pads or bandages to be applied in any event of someone getting a cut or wound.

2. Elastic bandages which are used for sprains, and pressure bandages.

3. Thermometer

4. Antiseptic/anesthetic ointment or spray

5. Anti-itch ointment

6. Medications for headache, tummy pain and fever reducers.

7. Sterile eye wash like saline which if sterile can also be used to clean wounds.

Personal Essentials

1. Cash. Be sure you have extra for any emergency expenses.

2. Identification cards. These are very important and you should never leave without them.

3. Car keys

4. Cellular phone. This is especially important if you’re camping in a far away site. You should always have a means to reach someone in case of urgent situations.

5. Camera, film, batteries to capture memorable camping moments.

6. Binoculars

7. Map

8. Sufficient clothes

Hygiene Supplies

1. Soap and shampoo

2. Lotion, sunscreen and insect repellent spray to keep unwanted insects off your skin.

3. Sanitizer and alcohol

4. Towels and hankies

This checklist which seeks to help you have a memorable camping trip without failing to bring along any essential camping gear is simply a guide and may not encompass all your personal needs. That’s why it is important that you add to this checklist any other items (like medications for an allergy that you have or your favourite pocketbook) that were not mentioned.

Always remember that aside from planning the camp activities, it is also imperative that you are able to plan carefully the things you have to bring. You don’t want to suffer from an aching back because of an overloaded backpack or to be in the middle of the woods without the things you need most.