Workplace Safety – Preventing Accidents

Workplace Safety – Preventing Accidents

Workplace safety has always been a paramount concern to managers, engineers and entrepreneurs, nonetheless, accidents happen. Due to the so many variables by which accidents occur, preventing accident is a continuing concern.

Encourage suggestions.

The most timid and shy among workers are found in the lowest ranks. Yet these people are the most familiar with actual workplace conditions and the dangers these present. Most of the time, wisdom that are really grounded are found among them. The problem often is that they are less articulate in proposing suggestions. True, there are suggestion boxes but most of the time the tendency is to listen to employees who have earned the respect of their bosses. To make this harder, suggestion boxes are in many instances treated as prank stations as well as complaint centers discouraging management from delving into it on a regular basis.

To lessen accidents from happening, it is imperative that management encourage everyone to suggest even when the suggestion appears to be the dumbest at the moment.

The cliché that we learn from the unexpected is always true.

Hazard Assessment

Hazards probability are conducted by safety engineers, managers and other factory wizards and rightly so. There is however affectivity levels among managers. Textbook cases, construction authorities, and other safety concerns and precautions are good tools to foresee, predict, and decrease probabilities.

The rank and file directly involved in the operation of a particular area though faces the day-by-day operations. The variables of accidents happening are just too large when the rank is seldom consulted especially when the person in charge of safety is a seat of the pants manager.

Looking Sharp

Safety review procedures and safety assessment conducted regularly are very good practices. Since supervisors and managers cannot be expected to be at the right place at the right time all the time, employees must be involved in looking out for possible workplace hazards. Employees must report any deviation from safety procedures and workplace standards.

Safety Watch

Collect and evaluate reports regularly. Get the involvement of everyone concerned. Think, study, discuss, agree, and implement. It is so very easy to get the commitment of each and every member of the team if his or her suggestion is sincerely and seriously considered. Pride in the workplace and increased awareness of safety work habits often will result. When employees are not sincerely involved, events like near misses are seldom considered serious enough to file a report. Narrow escapes are too unless maybe spotted by someone who is more safety centered.

Habits and Practices

The commitment of the management at reducing risks and implementing safety procedures encourages the whole team to aware safety habits. New employees likewise easily learn methods at working things the right way, because safety workplace habits and practices are easily corrected when there is enough involvement.

Getting the involvement of everyone in the organization especially whenever workplace safety is concerned generates payback for everyone in the workplace. It is also a good vehicle at understanding actual working conditions including those that are unforeseen, and awareness of safety benefits and employee’s health and welfare.

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