Why You Should Use Free Templates

Why You Should Use Free Templates

A good Website is the first thing your visitors notice. This experience is the “effect” (the wow factor) your site has on visitors, and good effect means something, which becomes memorable in the visitor’s mind. To make it memorable it require good content, graphics and user-friendly navigation.

A Website experience is great when it is useful, desirable and impact. So here are some points for consideration before designing Website

Goal and target – Goal of the Website (site’s purpose) and who is the target audience?

Context – Layout, design (user-friendly layout) and color schemes.

Content – Text, pictures, sound, and video (must be useful information which achieves goals and interest to your audience).

Feedback – How can the site enable user-to-user communication ?

Customization – Site’s ability to tailor itself to different users to allow users to personalize the site.

Communication – How the site talks to the visitor, site to user or two-way communications.

Linking – Degree that the site is linked to other sites.

-Your domain should be something that reflects your site’s content.

-Make a consistence in design. Changing interfaces is a potential barrier which should be avoided.

-Make the content on your first page rich and explanatory.

-Make your title clear. Clear title makes task clear.

-Proper use of images example :meaningful and clean images.

-Downloadable speed (pages load quickly and provide something to read almost instantly).

-Pages are easy to navigate so that you can find what you want and most importantly, the content is useful and worthwhile.

-Good interactivity engages the user and makes your site memorable.

-Easy to find information.

-Provide valuable, timely information to the user.

-Provide keywords for search engines (search engine optimization).

-Provide a search option within the site.

-Contact information should be easy to find and preferably visible on all pages.

-Updates should be made regularly to give users a reason to return to your site.

-Proper programming with no broken links.

-Provides copyright information.

-A good Website needs to be able to be viewed in whatever browser or service the customer is using, so cross-browser and platform compatibility together with accessibility features for the disabled are a must.

It is good to get websites designed by professional website designers.
A good web design company will be help you design a search engine friendly website. And also take care of search engine optimization too.

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