Where To Learn Beginner Scrapbooking Techniques

Where To Learn Beginner Scrapbooking Techniques

Beginner scrapbookers have many resources available to learn how to scrapbook. Scrapbooking is one of the fastest growing hobbies, and options for learning this craft come in many different places. Before considering which method is best for you, consider your time and money commitment, as well as, your goals for scrapbooking.

Are you just looking to make attractive pages for your family to enjoy and preserve your photographs and memories? Maybe you want to learn scrapbooking for a new hobby you can share with others. Scrapbooking can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.

Your local craft store is a great resource to learn beginner scrapbooking. Some craft stores specialize in scrapbooking, and their staff can help you choose basic tools and supplies to get you started. Many of these stores offer classes on the latest techniques. These classes often allow you to try out new tools and see how others approach their scrapbook pages. You might also take a project class that allows you to complete an entire album.

Scrapbooking classes vary in cost, but most are quite reasonable. They usually provide all the tools and materials necessary, which make them a great way to try out this hobby with little financial investment. You will need to bring several photographs to use on your page layouts. Teachers are experienced and enthusiastic. They are trained to teach all levels of scrapbooking techniques and can answer any questions you might have about this hobby to help you decide if scrapbooking is right for you. Don’t be surprised if you see more experienced scrapbookers in these classes. Some people will take them just for the social aspect of the class and for new ideas on how to use basic techniques more effectively.

To find a class in your area, check with the large craft stores, as well as your local scrapbooking stores. Most offer classes with convenient schedules, and many offer classes that can be started any time.

Another option is to learn beginner scrapbooking in your own home. Direct sales companies, like Creative Memories and Close to My Heart, have consultants that will come to your home and give a class on basic scrapbooking. Much like a Tupperware party, you invite your friends to your home for a lesson. The consultant will teach the basic philosophy behind scrapbooking, as well as, how to choose supplies and tools, and how to design a simple page. You and your friends will usually make a 2-page layout with materials supplied by the consultant and photos you bring from home. Consultants may or may not charge for the lesson. This usually depends on the cost of the supplies used for the pages. The lesson usually ends with an opportunity to purchase that company’s products.

Scrapbooking magazines are full of information on basic techniques and beginner tips. In the United States, most bookstores sell a variety of scrapbooking magazines. The most popular magazines are Creating Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks, Memory Makers and Scrapbooks, Etc. Buy a single issue of each magazine first. Each has a slightly different slant on scrapbooking. For example, Simple Scrapbooks focuses on quick, easy pages. Once you find one that seems to match your style, buy the annual subscription which is always more cost effective than buying single newsstand copies.

Many craft stores offer crop nights that can be another way to learn scrapbooking. Crops bring together groups of scrapbookers to work on their pages together. Basically, they are scrapbooking parties. The store will often charge a nominal fee and provide refreshments for the evening. Many will allow you to use their tools during the crop, as well. This is a great way to try out more expensive tools, like die cut machines and cutters. You could even invite your scrapbooking friends to your home for a crop. Crops allow everyone to share techniques with each other and provide beginner scrapbookers with tips and ideas.

One more option to learn basic techniques is to purchase an album kit. Many album kits come complete with all the supplies you need to make a scrapbook. They provide detailed instructions and sometimes even basic color and design layout theory. However, to complete the album you will need to buy your own tools, such as, scissors and adhesive.

Once you’ve learned beginner scrapbooking, remember to practice your techniques often. The more pages you make the better you will become at designing layouts. As you master the basics, you can use the same resources above to find more advanced tips and techniques.