What We Should Learn From Anna Nicole Smith

What We Should Learn From Anna Nicole Smith

The untimely demise of Anna Nicole Smith is continuing to rule the airwaves. The father of her daughter continues to be disputed and finally a judgment has been made on who will receive the remains of the former Playboy Playmate after much debate. The media often portrayed Smith as either a gold digger or a ditzy blond. It has been clear for quite a while that Ms. Smith was not well. Unfortunately, it was quite easier to turn her into a national punch line then consider the fact that she may have needed help.

While the entertainment industry is best know for sex drugs and rock and roll, Smith serves as an example that if left unchecked a life of excess can have tragic results. An individual does not have to be a beautiful woman gracing the pages of magazines such as Penthouse or Playboy to warrant intervention. There are many celebrities who may be on a dangerous path. A celebrity may need help if:

You Are Driving in Traffic Proceeding In the Wrong Direction

Reportedly, Nicole Richie was using prescription medication while she drove down the Los Angeles in the wrong direction. Richie has a past history of drug use and a possible eating disorder. While most media outlets treated the story in more of a satirical way, no one seemed to be the least bit upset that Ms. Richie would not be punished for her behavior.

Driving intoxicated whether it is alcohol, or drugs, illegal or otherwise puts the general public at risk. When someone is a risk to someone other than themselves perhaps it should not be construed as entertainment.

They Shave Their Heads for No Apparent Reason

A certain former teenage pop idol has reportedly been doing quite a bit of hard partying and rumored drug use. She is said to frequent many clubs and bars and drinking excessively. As of late she has completely shaved her head, reportedly because her estranged husband threatened to have the strands tested to find out what types of drugs are in her system.

Excessive partying and Promiscuity

There plenty of entertainers male and female who are guilty of excessive partying and promiscuity. As of late, it appears that young Hollywood has become quite promiscuous. There is some difficulty in keeping up with who is actually dating who as the stars swap one partner for another.

While most of us find it entertaining there is a great risk involved when there is such a laissez faire attitude about hooking up and changing partners. Sexually transmitted diseases are quite serious and some like HIV or AIDS are not curable. While we like to read magazines like magazines like Star Magazine, and see sexy layouts in magazines like Penthouse it is too easy to forget that they are more than entertainers, they are human as well.

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