Weekly Scrapbooking Page Ideas

Weekly Scrapbooking Page Ideas

Scrapbooking pages call for imagination and creativity. Sometimes, though, you feel as though you’ve run out of ideas. You have used your last idea and you wish there were a regular source – a “service station” where you could get a refill on ideas. You may want digital ideas, printable ideas, or layouts for a conventional scrapbooking page.

Weekly scrapbooking page ideas would be nice, wouldn’t they? There are scrapbooking “service stations” that offer weekly scrapbooking page ideas. There are also ways to find weekly scrapbooking page ideas without those sites.

Websites Offer Weekly Scrapbooking Page Ideas

You can find weekly scrapbooking page ideas on the Internet. You won’t always find them by typing that phrase into a search engine, though. You may need to be creative. Here are two places we found weekly scrapbooking page ideas.

* The better scrapbooking supplies websites offer weekly scrapbooking page ideas on their site. They have a page or two that change each week, showing a new layout or other scrapbooking page idea.

* Some scrapbooking sites offer a FREE newsletter with weekly scrapbooking page ideas. All they require is a name and valid e-mail address. As a bonus, they may even offer FREE scrapbooking supplies to newsletter subscribers.

Gleaning Weekly Scrapbooking Page Ideas

Another way to find weekly scrapbooking page ideas is to establish your own weekly route of “service stations” to fill up on ideas. Visit the same scrapbooking stations once a week, and see what is new. Often a new kit or other element will give you an idea. The website station may not be offering it as a scrapbooking page idea, but when you see it, you glean ideas from it. Let’s look at how this can be done. Follow these 7 steps.

1. If you haven’t yet learned to add “bookmarks” in your Internet browser, do it now. Go to your browser’s “Help” button on the menu at the top of the page. Learn to add new folders, and to add new bookmarks to those folders.

2. Add a new folder in your bookmarks. Name it “IDEAS” or “STATIONS” or some other appropriate word.

3. Establish your route of service stations by setting aside time to locate the scrapbooking page sites you like. You can choose from hundreds. Look for sites that offer free ideas, weekly or not. Most like to add new materials to keep customers coming back. Keep your eyes open for kits, layout ideas in kits, and titles. All of these can spark ideas.

4. Be sure you include sites that offer samples of scrapbooking pages done by other scrapbookers. “Gallery” is a great sign!

5. One-by-one, bookmark the scrapbooking page sites you like. Add each bookmark to the new folder you created.

6. When you have visited, and bookmarked every scrapbooking page site you like, you will have your weekly scrapbooking page ideas route. These are your “service stations” where you can fill up your tank of ideas.

7. Now, you can routinely visit every site on your route on a weekly basis, gleaning scrapbooking page ideas. Whether your scrapbook is conventional or digital, you will find many ideas simply by seeing what is added to the different websites.

Local Weekly Scrapbooking Page Ideas

No matter where you live, there are local weekly scrapbooking page ideas, free for the taking. All you have to do is go for a walk, jog, ride a bicycle, or visit your local mall. Focus on what’s happening around you. Open your eyes to the scenes and activity you’ve been missing.

If you visit a local park, and watch children, you may suddenly see a scene that is a perfect scrapbooking page idea. It reminded you of something your own children did, or an occasion when your family was in a park.

When you’re sitting in the mall, observing people, you see a couple stop for a snack. Something about the way he treats her reminds you of your own courtship, and you jot down a new scrapbooking page idea.

As you jog or ride your bicycle along a path you’ve often taken, you focus on things that had become commonplace. You see that path as it used to look when you pushed your baby stroller there. A new scrapbooking page idea.

You see someone delivering newspapers, and you get an idea for your scrapbooking page about your first job – found in a classified ad.

Helpful Tip

Weekly scrapbooking page ideas are all around us, waiting for free pickup. If you establish a time for collecting them, you will soon have all you can use.

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