Urinal Screen Information

Urinal Screen Information

Urinal screens are an effective way to keep restroom urinal drains free flowing. The urinal screen acts as a barrier to the drain pipe attached to the urinal. These screens act like nets that catch debris such as cigarettes, paper, and other refuse and prevent them from clogging drains which can cause over flowing in restrooms. There are two main types of urinal screens, screens that come with urinal blocks and screens that come without a urinal block built in. Urinal screens that come without a urinal block built in are an inexpensive way to prevent drain clogging and keep drains free running.

A separate urinal block can be throw into the urinal on top of the screen. Urinal screens that have urinal blocks built in are an easy way to deodorize a restroom and prevent drain clogging at the same time. Urinal screens come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Most urinal screens are disposable and can be discarded after the urinal block in the screen breaks down or dissolves. An average urinal screen contains a three to four ounce urinal block that is made from paraffin and will dissolve over 30 to 60 days.

Urinal screens can also be scented with fragrances such as cherry, bubblegum and lemon. These scented urinal screens are great for about the first week but the fragrance usually dissipates quickly and the use of a urinal block is recommended to keep bathrooms smelling fresh. Urinal screens and urinal mats are also a great way to advertise a business or a product. Urinal screens can be imprinted with logos and text and can be given free to restaurants and other facilities to promote your business or products.

Some urinal screens contain non-paraffin urinal blocks which are water soluble with a four ounce urinal block usually dissolving after about 1500 urinal flushes. Most urinal screens are shaped like a triangle to correctly fit the average urinal but custom screens can be created. Urinal screens with built in blocks also help fight the growth of bacteria and mold and can also color the urinal water. Urinal screens are not really a nice subject to talk about, but without them our public restrooms would not be as fresh smelling and clean.

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