Understanding the History of Reiki and Its Many Benefits

Understanding the History of Reiki and Its Many Benefits

Reiki healing is growing in popularity around the Western world. The word “Reiki” is Japanese and means “Universal Life Energy.” A Japanese theologian named Dr. Mikao Usui founded the Reiki healing system at the end of the last century. He discovered the ancient healing system after studying Sanskrit texts in a Buddhist monastery. Though the texts revealed the knowledge needed, Dr. Usui still had to undergo three weeks of fasting and meditation before receiving the healing empowerment of the Reiki system.

An American woman named Hawayo Takata brought the Reiki system to the Western world. Takata was cured of a tumor at a Reiki clinic in Japan, and then totally dedicated her life to Reiki. She was trained by a Japanese master named Dr. Chujiro Hayashi. During her life, Takata created 22 Reiki Masters to carry on the methods.

Channeling Healing Energy

Reiki is best known for being used as a channel for energy to provide a safe healing method. It promotes good health and well being and can be experienced by people of all ages, whether in good health or stricken by illness. By replenishing a person’s life force energy, their body’s immune system can be strengthened. This helps the body in its fight against disease. A Reiki healer channels energy to a welcoming receiver. The person receiving Reiki experiences a warm, relaxing feeling in their soul, mind and body. The experience is just as much spiritual as it is physical.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki healing offers many benefits. It is often used for stress management and to help the body fight and prevent sickness. As Reiki energy is channeled to an individual, they can relax and relieve their stress. This helps the person feel better and think more clearly. The more Reiki energy they can receive, the better they will feel. When a sick or stress-prone person receives Reiki, their body becomes free to help itself become healthier than ever. Other benefits of Reiki include healed relationships, finding one’s Divine Purpose, manifesting life goals, awakening the healer within, cleansing the body from toxins, enhancing creativity, and many others.

To offer so many benefits, Reiki is surprisingly gentle and nurturing. It is not a harsh medical treatment, but can be far more powerful for the individual who opens their mind, heart and soul to the process wholly and freely.

How it Works

After an initiation to Reiki, called Reiki Attunement, and learning about Reiki symbols, the individual is introduced to Reiki energy through several methods, including crystals and crystal healing, drumming healing, meditations, and other stress management techniques.

Even many modern chiropractors, psychotherapists, medical doctors, psychologists and other medical professionals are beginning to realize the benefits of Reiki. More and more people are tapping into Reiki energy to experience a fuller, healthier life.

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