Triathlon Swim Testing Your Endurance in the First Leg

Triathlon Swim Testing Your Endurance In The First Leg

If there were anything more difficult than the transitions of the triathlon race then swimming would be it. Truly an endurance sport, swimming in triathlon races can actually dig the life out of you, especially when your body is not well adapted to the conditions that it requires.

You may have some basic backgrounds in swimming since it is known to be the most popular pastime sport Americans have. But you, when you’re seriously into the game of triathlon then backgrounds are no longer enough to let you know the feeling of reaching the finish line.

Your triathlon training in swimming can cover all or most of the strokes. And you may choose to use them during the race, after all no one says that freestyle stroke is a guarantee to get through the swim stage. Nevertheless, as we might have observed most racers are comfortable with freestyle stroke because it provides speed.

But competitors, at one time or another, can be seen using different strokes for whatever purpose they deem necessary. The problem with this though is that they have to break the momentum and start with a new stroke over again once they gain their speed. Somehow, this creates the struggle and that is what we want to eliminate. You have to get through this junction as smoothly as you can be.

You can get this through training. If you cant cross the pool straight for now, you never have to worry since practice will always create more perfect ways to achieve what you first set your mind to achieve.

Swimming is not only an activity of endurance, it also requires you tons of patients to get the proper technique and strength. Thrice a week practice will do you best, other than that you may over-exhaust your self or lack training.

While the swim part is not actually the longest stage, it still garners the longest training to master. After all, swimming is nearly a hundred percent technical.

On the general view, swimming should not be taken as the speed game. You only have to get through it to be able to reach the 2nd and last lap. It must not tire you, it only has to warm you up. It will prepare your muscle to flex during the last two legs of the race. The trick lies in the efficient use of energy so there will be more for the run and the bike stages.

You can’t expect to see yourself swim but you can trust an eye from a good trainer. He will show you the details of your flaws and will help you work on them.