The Right Kind Of Survey

The Right Kind Of Survey

Taking a survey can sometimes be an enjoyable task. It’s kind of fun to see where you sit in a sampling of society. It’s also refreshing to be able to take part in a survey and voice your views. However, surveys can also be valuable to businesses and institutions. Allowing them to gain a better understanding of the people who mean the most to them. For the corporation, surveys can be a valuable tool and we will discuss some of them here.

Surveys come in a variety of formats and each offers a different view into any demographic. Online surveys, email surveys, phone surveys, mail surveys, personal in-home surveys are just a small number of potential methods that can be used to better understand the world you live and strive in.

Online Surveys
Anyone who spends anytime on the internet has probably taken a survey from time to time. The subject of these surveys can vary from politics to religion or can include questions about entertainment, technology or lifestyles. Online surveys are often not as intrusive as phone surveys or email surveys, because they tend to exist in a place the respondent has chosen to visit. These surveys can be inexpensive to administer and can produce fast results. Response rates for online surveys can sometimes be as high as 90 percent. Online surveys are an attractive option for those who want a survey that provides a quick snapshot of one aspect or another.

Email Surveys
Email surveys tend to have most of the benefits of a web based survey. They are easy to administer and can produce fast results. The response rate for an email survey is close to that of an online survey. However, email surveys can not offer an interactive html format. This format can be found in online surveys and is useful in providing more accurate results.

Phone Surveys
Telephone response rates can be around 40-80 percent. They are somewhat cost efficient, depending on what kind of phone charges are present. Like online and email surveys, phone surveys can be useful in large surveys that can be either national or international. A downside to phone surveys is that they are limited to audio only. This means the exclusion of visuals such as graphs, videos, charts and taste and smell samples. There are a number of phone survey styles. These types include traditional phone interviews, computer assisted phone dialing, and interviewing. With such a high response rate and low cost of deployment. A telephone survey can be a helpful and cheap survey tool.

Mail Surveys
Mail surveys tend to be more of a survey technique of the past. The response rate of mail surveys is very low at 5-30 percent. Even when had delivered, a mail survey can be costly. With the expense of postage on the rise , a mail survey can be pricey, depending on the location of the survey. Although bulk postage can be cheap, it may not be cheap enough for some start ups or other institutions with little budgets. Unlike email or web based surveys, mail surveys can have long time delays. These delays can prevent the eventual analysis and processing of data. Mail surveys can present respondents with large amounts of information, with some surveys being as long as 50 pages. This type of survey shouldn’t be used by any one in a rush.

Personal In-Home Surveys
In-home surveys are not used very often. They are costly and only provide a response rate similar to that of a telephone survey. They are best used in a situation that requires sampling of a taste or smell. In-home surveys are not a great way to administer a long survey since most people don’t like to be bothered at home for an extended period of time. This type of survey is most effective in areas where telephones and internet are unavailable.

There are a few simple rules to consider when creating a survey. Keep it short, nobody wants to spend all day filling out a survey. Offer an incentive, whether it’s financial or a small trinket people love free stuff. Personalize the request and make the respondent feel comfortable with the survey. Make appeals to the respondents emotions. A survey that covers an emotional topic is sure to get a stronger response. last of all, make sure to point out that the respondents information will be kept an anonymous.

Now that you know how to put a survey together and send it out. Get out there and get to know the people who make your business tick