The Principle Of Shiatsu Massage

The Principle Of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a form of Chinese acupressure treatment but with the words that come from Japanese. As it goes around the world, there are many names that the Western world has brought to the awareness of the people. As a result, it is also now called as oha shiatsu, namikoshi shiatsu, barefoot shiatsu, Zen shiatsu, and macrobiotic shiatsu.

Shiatsu may be known now with different names and methods, it still is used with the basic principle that it was originally known and formulated with, although at times can be radically different, depending on the perception of the shiatsu experts around the world.

Shiatsu literally means, finger pressure, from the Japanese shi = finger, and atsu = pressure. For over a couple of thousand years, it has been a massage technique that ancient and modern people alike use as a healing and massaging method Chinese acupressure.

In the principle of shiatsu, the human body is comprised of passage channels, or which called as meridians. Each meridian corresponds with a specific major body organ. It is through these meridians where the energy, or qi or chi, is flowing. A balanced and unhindered flow of this energy translates to only good health.

As any irregularity happening in the unhindered energy flow, an illness is believed to be suffered by the body because either there is a depleted chi or overflowed chi in certain body points. If this is true to your body, in which you are suffering with an illness, this is where shiatsu massage therapy comes into action.

The goal of the shiatsu massage therapy is to remove anything that blocks or hinders the chi from freely flowing in any of the 14 meridians of your body. It is also applied to restore the balanced nature of the chi or energy. All these goals are achieved by applying the acupressure method, which is a press of the fingers, elbows, knees, toes, and feet, on specific affected acupoints, or your pressure points found throughout the body meridians. In addition to pressing, the practitioner applies manipulation on the adjacent areas of the acupoints with the goal of stimulating your body to enhance wellness and heal negative conditions.

Shiatsu most often provides intense effect, finding clients receiving the treatment displaying emotions like crying or laughing, wanting to scream, or just to keep still. This is not to be afraid of since it is not a bad side effect but rather a good, common and normal reaction giving the sign that the chi or energy is being restored and balanced within the human body as where it is supposed to be.

Since the world of conventional western medicinal treatment is not convinced that there exists chi flowing in certain areas of the body, they continue to regard shiatsu and other alternative treatment as simply complementary medicine techniques. However, with the many years of existence, it has proven that shiatsu actually helps significantly the human body to fight diseases and improves overall body wellness.

In fact, it is found to be helpful in addressing various health conditions, such as digestive pain, muscular pain, and emotional pain. A lot other benefits are also experienced by the people receiving the shiatsu massage treatment, specifically, complete relaxation, improvement of blood circulation, prevention of diseases, balanced menstrual cycles, increased flexibility and mobility in the body, removal of wastes and toxins, and increased energy, spiritual, and mental well-being.

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The Principle Of Shiatsu Massage