The only Way to Watch the Elusive Humming Bird

The only Way to Watch the Elusive Humming Bird

Humming birds are considered as one of the most fascinating birds. They are also the most rare and elusive bird to watch. This is the reason why you need to build a bird house that will surely attract the attention of these birds into your yard and home.

Many people find pleasure in watching hummingbirds. This is because they are the world’s smallest bird. Besides that, they are known for their unique flying ability. These are the reasons why people find hummingbirds a joy to watch.

These are the very same reasons why people build humming bird houses in their home. This is the only way they can get to enjoy viewing these birds and their unique talents. Having them coming back to the bird house on a regular basis is an achievement in itself. And seeing them on their backyards everyday is another source of joy.

Most humming bird houses are small like the birds themselves. In fact, they are made so small that you will not be able to see them the first time if you are not looking close enough. Some people choose to build hummingbird houses on tree trunks where they can be as close to the trunk of a tree as possible.

But this is not saying that you cannot have them in any other places. There are hummingbird houses that are built on shrubs, poles, house gutters and overhangs. The location where it should be built should be high enough so that pets and pests will not easily reach them. If ever they did, you will lose the bird that your treasure plus all the pleasures that come with it.

Hummingbird houses can be made from gourds, milk cartons or boxes. You do not have to build them large. Remember that hummingbirds are not that big. A bird house that is a bit larger than an adult hand would be enough.

The main thing to remember about hummingbird houses is that they are just like enclosures with a tiny hole that will serve as the access for these birds. If you want to limit the bird house to hummingbirds, you can make the entrance just small enough for these birds. Any other bird type will not be able to go through the opening if you adjust them to the size of hummingbirds.

To be sure that you can attract hummingbirds into the bird house, provide the house with a feeder. One suggestion is to place the bird house near a flowery plant. This is because hummingbirds like flowers and places with an abundance of them are where they frequent the most.

Keep in mind that hummingbirds do not drink the same type of water that other birds do. Sugar water is considered harmful to them. It can cause nuisance to their beaks that can turn lethal and even deadly. The best option is to buy hummingbird nectar and offer them to these birds. This is the only liquid that is safe for the hummingbirds to drink.

If you are intent on attracting hummingbirds into your bird house, know everything that is important to them. Gaining enough knowledge on how to catch and take care of them is your assurance that you will not cause any harm to these one-of-a-kind but elusive small birds.