The Media Attempt to Stop Canadian Pharmacy Services

The Media Attempt to Stop Canadian Pharmacy Services

Are U.S. pharmaceutical companies against your freedom of choice regarding a Canadian pharmacy that can save you money? Fact is, they have spent millions of dollars trying to end your right to obtain medication from Canadian pharmacy online services.

When you see pharmaceutical advertisements, the cost of that advertising is coming right out of your pocket when you buy your prescriptions in the U.S. They complain about research and development expenses, then turn around and spend millions in negative advertising trying to discredit Canadian pharmacy services.

Domestic Pharmaceutical Financial Reports

The large profit margins reported to shareholders of U.S. pharmaceutical companies, as well as the large advertising and marketing budgets, clearly show that those drug companies could reduce prices without sacrificing research and development. They spend fortunes on marketing schemes to urge the consumer to ask for specific costly medications. That type of advertising is not seen in Canada.

As much as three-fourths of all the drug companies’ budgets are spent in advertising and marketing. A great deal of research and development is publicly funded. So it’s no wonder more people are turning to Canadian pharmacy online services rather than paying high domestic prices.

Recent News

The American Daily reported on December 16, 2004 that “According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the drug industry paid out more than million in 1999-2000 to U.S. congressional candidates.” Do you think those dollars were spent in an attempt to get congress to ban lower-cost Canadian pharmacy online services from shipping to U.S. consumers?

The L.A. Times, on August 4, 2004 published “Pharmaceutical and biotech companies have spent in excess of million lobbying against numerous bills in the Legislature that would favorably affect the way Californians get their prescriptions filled.” (Eg: From a Canadian pharmacy online.)

Further, the New York Times reported on October 12, 2004 that “Astra Zeneca spent nearly 0 million on television and other mass-media advertising aimed at Nexium users last year. Is that why Nexium (or any advertised medication for that matter) is so expensive? That exact same medication is at least 30% less from a Canadian pharmacy!

Do They Have Your Best Interests at Heart?

Are the pharmaceutical giants really trying to discredit Canada pharmacy services and force legislation to halt medication shipments to U.S. consumers, making the U.S. consumer pay more for EXACTLY the same medicine? That’s for you to decide.

Defend your right to obtain prescription medication from a Canadian pharmacy online service by selecting carefully who you vote for in the next election. Don’t fall for expensive advertising, designed to urge you to buy medication you may not need at all.

Properly prescribed pharmaceuticals can save your life, but it can also drive you into the poor house if your purchases are influenced by advertising.

A reputable Canada pharmacy can save you 30% – 50% or more depending on the specific medication, and where you buy your prescriptions from. It’s worth your time to investigate. The best place to start is by getting a price quote to give you an idea of the possibilities.