The History of Acupuncture Medicine

The History of Acupuncture Medicine

There are many age-old medicines that have been used for thousands of years in the treatments of plenty of problems, many of these physical but there are also emotional problems that can be cured with alternative therapies. One such therapy is called acupuncture and many people believe that this is a fake therapy instituted in the Chinese culture in order to have more influence over Western society. Even though it is true that acupuncture has had a great influence over Western society and America in general, the myth of how it got started is completely false. If you truly do not know how acupuncture got its start then here are a few pieces information that one should know about in order to believe that acupuncture is a real therapy:

Acupuncture Was Used Thousands of Years Ago

In an attempt to debunk any myths or disbeliefs within the field of acupuncture, this therapy was actually instituted very many centuries ago in the ancient Chinese civilizations. Many Chinese professors and medical doctors who regularly speak on the issue of acupuncture generally concur that acupuncture was instituted by the Chinese because they had no real forms of medicine. There was no such thing as chloroform in ancient Chinese civilizations and there were also no other real medicine treatments of any kind, except for the ones that they found and kept for themselves.

What Sicknesses did Acupuncture Originally Cure?

The Chinese actually used acupuncture therapy to cure everything from the common cold and headaches all the way to mysterious diseases that seemed to take over the body. There is no one long list of sicknesses and illnesses that acupuncture was responsible for curing, but acupuncture therapy was generally called upon and used to treat virtually every type of disease and ailment that came along. Already mentioned was the fact that acupuncture therapy was used to treat the common cold and headaches, but some of the other diseases that could easily have been cured with acupuncture when it first got started include such things as constipation, arthritis, ear aches, toothaches, as well as upset stomachs. All of these things were naturally experienced by the ancient Chinese as well as other humans throughout the world, which leads many people to believe that they were also naturally cured through the use of acupuncture.

How Did Acupuncture Spread

There are many theories as to how the introduction of acupuncture was brought to other countries throughout the world. However, as the spread of the news that acupuncture truly was a good form of therapy spread around the world, naturally there were individuals who were responsible for the introduction and teaching of the methods. In the United States, though, acupuncture has not been practiced in real widespread areas until just recently, but the benefit that acupuncture has brought to the United States has been so great throughout its time here.

All things considered, the history of acupuncture therapy has truly been an amazing feat that many people have called the miracle therapy that fixes everything. Even though the Chinese know that acupuncture truly can heal all wounds, though, there still are some skeptics who have their own doubts about acupuncture therapy!