The 14th resort to open that offers trendwest time share

The 14th resort to open that offers trendwest time share

Trendwest Resort, Inc., in July 2005, announced its plan to add a new flagship resort in its growing line of time share resorts. Named as “Worldmark Anaheim,” the new trendwest time share resort will be located at Katella Avenue, Anaheim California, just a few minutes drive away from Disneyland.

WorldMark Anaheim will be the 14th resort in California under the WorldMark strings of Trendwest time shares. Worldmark Anaheim has been planned to be a 14-story Trendwest time share resort in the heart of Anaheim, California’s ever growing circle of hotels.

Anaheim is within the promiximity of world-renowned attractions. People from all parts of the world flock to the city to experience the magical world of Disneyland. The people of Trendwest Resort are confident that time share holders and time share investors will be thrilled with the Anaheim Trendwest time share project.

WorldMark Anaheim will be offered to public the 253-unit hotel-resort as a Trendwest time share. Time share investors have the option to buy fully furnished, first-class vacation condominiums in one, two, or three bedrooms. For Trendwest time share investors who want to live the elegant and luxurious life, they may opt to buy one of the twelve ritzy and polished Presidential Suites.

* Villas of the Anaheim Trendwest Time Share Resort

Each of the 253 units of the Anaheim Trenwest time share resort will enjoy the luxury of having a kitchen, complete with a electric ranges, smoke vents, television, two-door refrigerator and a dining table, spacious and well-lit living areas, a private balcony, and home equipment like washer plus dryer, and home entertainment components such as television, DVD player and surround speaker system.

The Anaheim Trendwest time share resort is an attraction of its own. Trendmark time share owners have a variety of amenities to enjoy from: children’s pool, outdoor swimming pool, gym or exercise facility, game room, and male and female sauna and oversized spas.

The rooftop deck holds three spas where you can relax and have a soothing backrub, laize or sunbathe at one of the five comfortable cabanas and other seating areas. At night, the rooftop deck will be the most romantic spot in Anaheim. It offers an unobstructed view for Disneyland’s nightly display of fireworks.

Trendwest Resorts began WorldMark Anaheim’s construction lastJanuary 2006. Trendwest time share owners and investors shall be welcomed in its opening in early 2008.

* Why Invest in Trendwest Time Share Resort.

Yearly, the time share industy rakes more than 9 billion dollars worth of sales. This estimate only includes about 5,000 time share resorts all over the world. Presently, time shares have reached a global level of trade much like money. The movement of time shares is as fluid as currency in stock trading.

Trendwest time share resorts has been in the time share industry for many years. It is a leader in the vacation industry and boasts 58 WorldMark resorts in the United States, British Columbia, Mexico and Fiji.

If you want to be part of the billion dollar investment program of Trendwest time share, you may consider owning and investing on even a single unit of a Trendwest time share resort with the following options:

1. Use of time share week

A time share is usually incremented into weeks. Trendwest time share owners may opt to use their time share once in a year.

2. Time share rental

Over the years, time share rental increased in frequency due to the accommodation needs of travelers and adventurers. Along with demand comes opportunity for business men owning time shares but not necessarily always needing them.

3. Time shares as gifts

Trendwest time share owners may choose to transfer their time share to their families or close acquaintancesas or buy them one as gifts.

4. Time share exchanges

The latest trend that has been observed by the industry is time share exchanges. Owners of time shares now have a more varied option due to this scheme. Time share exchange can be in two ways:

a. Internal exchange

In this kind of exchange, Trendwest time share owners can exchange with other people owning time shares of the same resort under a common umbrella group.

b. External exchange

In this kind of exchange, Trendwest time share owners have the option to exchange their Trendwest time shares with other time share resorts all over the world.

Currently, there are two largest exchange agencies available for time share owners. These are the Resort Condominiums International or RCI and Interval International or II.