Teach Courses Online

Teach Courses Online

Everybody who has access to a computer and the Internet knows you can do a search and find online courses offered by colleges and different universities to further your education at basically your own pace, however statistically did you know the numerous amounts of people in our society who disagree with the courses being taught online?

To them, for universities to teach courses online isn’t really teaching. They believe if someone is going to teach it needs to be in a classroom. I’m serious, there is a forum I stumbled across that people were actually concerned about those who teach courses online. Whether they were legitimate or real people.

I mean if they are employed by a university and teach courses online, they are real people. Its not like they are computer parts or something. In fact on some of the university websites you have to be going through one of the college courses to gain access to the main web pages. This is because those who teach courses online, know the students id numbers or names, so just “anybody” can’t log in. They are actually putting lessons on the site, they really teach courses online.

I knew someone in fact, that happened to be going through a school getting her GED online and her instructor was only one of the many that teach courses online, at the college she was going through. It was a local college, however the instructors were all teaching courses online of different variety.

Is it so hard to believe that people can work and learn on the computer at the same time? In fact, if you do a search for learning to teach courses online, you will come up with a staggering number of results.

Why? Because more people now than ever are studying online and those who teach courses online are just being outnumbered by those who take the courses. Someone has to check assignments sent into the college web site via email. Obviously it is the one that teaches courses online, and then sends the assignments back out.

Look at it like this, they are literally here to teach courses online, however the classroom is invisible, you can’t see it, however it is still there. Those who teach courses online at certain times of the day in fact will be on the main portion of the web site especially to answer questions that their students might have. I have done a lot of research and its amazing what technology can do in our society today.

We shouldn’t underestimate those who teach courses online. Its these people who help students learn no matter how old or young we might be. The simple truth people, is that we live in a high tech world now, if computers can be in the actual classroom and our children are learning on them, I know there are those that are capable to teach courses online.

Whatever the course may be, and they work for the accredited university or college that sponsors the website, that unless we are taking a college course through we aren’t going to get access too. But just because you can’t isn’t a reason to say those who teach courses online are not really people. They are simply protecting the students ids and assignments.