American Presidents

American Presidents The President of the United States holds the highest office in the country, and is the Chief Executive in charge, presiding over both the Congress and the House of Representatives. Since the first American President, George Washington, took office on April 30, 1789, forty-one more presidents have been sworn into office for a …

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Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents The Vice President certainly doesn’t get the same attention as the President of the United States does but they do have plenty of responsibility. As the second in command of the country their roles can change in an instance. Should the President become incapacitated, be killed, or be kidnapped they will have to …

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Presidents A President is a leader that takes charge of the organization. There are many different elements in which this occurs. Generally it has to do with politics though and we all recognize it as the head of the United States of America. Many types of non profit organizations and school organizations hold elections for …

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