Marketing With The iPod

Marketing With The iPod Whenever something new, exciting and revolutionary is introduced to the general public, it’s nearly a given that other corporations, companies and interests want to hitch their branding wagon to that train. And with the Apple iPod Nano, it was, and still is no different. The Apple iPod transformed the way the …

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Internet Marketing Agency-Becoming a Proficient Online Marketer

Internet Marketing Agency—Becoming a Proficient Online Marketer The Internet marketing business is a booming industry. Individuals who have started from scratch became among the successful Internet marketers who capitalized on their Internet-connected personal computer unit, basic knowledge on Internet marketing, wildest imagination, creativity, and some self-confidence just to earn the money that they want. They …

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Email Marketing 101 (2)

Email Marketing 101 I signed up for an e-newsletter today – at least I hope that is what happened. I am actually not entirely sure. I was going about my day and thought I would go to the website of one of the major political parties in Canada and signup for their e-newsletter. Unlike our …

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