Causes of Acne breakouts

Causes of Acne breakouts If you discover that you recently suffer from acne, don’t desperate, there are possible cures for this skin disease. If the cause of acne has been established, a solution is possible. Anyone with or who has had acne can tell you, how many times a day they’ve cleaned their faces with

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Acne Skin Care Products

Acne Skin Care Products Every one of us needs to follow a skin care regimen for a fresh-looking and healthy skin. This is even true for those who suffer from acne; however, they must be vigilant enough about the acne skin care products and treatments they use since there are some acne skin care products

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The Main Causes of Acne

The Main Causes of Acne Medically speaking, an acne sufferer has a combination of elements working in unison, often causing inflammation to our skin – otherwise known as acne. These elements include: • Trapped bacteria under the skin • Increased oil • Keratosis retention Increased oil within the skin can be caused by make-up, but

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Baby Acne

Baby Acne Much to many parent’s dismay, baby acne is so common. In fact, more than 30 percent of babies are born with baby acne or develop a rash soon after birth. Baby acne typically starts when a baby is around three weeks old, and it can last until the baby is four to six

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