Sprint Triathlon for the Tough Hearted

Sprint Triathlon For The Tough Hearted

Even the fittest and the toughest of the athletes do get some shares of pain during the triathlon race. Triathlon is simply a game of endurance. The only thing that one can do is to believe that somehow, he will be able to reach the finish line. One has to battle with distances, with fatigue and with lack of strength. And it is likely that at the end, he’ll be having thoughts of quitting but his inner self will convince him that’s its already too late to quit.

Sprint triathlon, like those of Iron Man or half-Iron competitions are composed of three disciplined events namely, swimming, biking and running. Sprint, being a smaller scale as compared with other variations may not require you the same endurance other types have but still it requires some great will power. In usual cases, sprint triathlon takes off half the original distance Olympic standards have.

Sprint triathlon only takes 750 meters of swim (considerably short for a triathlon race), a biking distance of 20 km and a run of 5 km. Not much of a suffering right? But it is for the beginners.

Olympic distance, on the other hand, has standard of 1.5 km of swimming, 40 km of biking and 10 km run for the last leg.

Iron Man Triathlon, which seem to have the primary aim of testing the limits of the physical body and the mental endurance of a racer requires one to finish 3.8 km of swim, 180 km for the bike lap and a run to hell of 42 km.

Once you embark on a sprint triathlon competition, the first thing you need to do is to condition your body for the grand day ahead. This can only be acquired through proper training, which normally lasts for not less than 13 weeks.

Set an achievable goal first. That would be better since you can work on it. Set your hopes high but do not go beyond plans that you believe would not work. Now that you have a specific point to get to, schedule your training program and start working on it. Assure to it that your plan will always be in accordance with the specific events that you are about to join. Do not just swim meters by meters. Or ride the bike for as long as you want. Or run miles on end. See to it that in each session, there is a specific aim that you are working with, say endurance or speed.