Solar Lighting Products

Solar Lighting Products

Solar technology has been around for some time now. We can see such applications of this technology in calculators which no longer need batteries, prototype cars which use solar energy as fuel, and of course, in the lighting industry where the sun provides for the charging of the lights so that these can be activated with no electricity consumption.

With the advent of solar lighting, consumers have more options for their lighting needs. Imagine having to do without those messy cables and wiring connections, wouldn’t it be more convenient for us?

A lot of solar lighting products are now available. There are the solar spot lights, solar deck lights, solar landscape lights, solar path lights, solar yard lights, and many other solar lighting product lines.

A sample of these solar lighting products can be found at Silicon Solar Incorporated. Check out their hanging solar light – the PagodaPlus which is ideal on areas surrounded by taller plants. It is around 2 pounds and has an ultra-bright amber LED at 11,000 mcd. It has a compact solar panel on the top which collects sun light which will recharge the internal Ni-CAD batteries. At night, this activates for around 13 to 15 hours. Included with the product is a ground stake and the shepherds hook for set-up. It is highly durable and has a dimension of 6”Wx17.5”-28L. This solar lighting product costs around 17.95 dollars a piece, and comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty. For more solar lighting products they offer, visit .

You can also check other solar lighting products provided by Solar Outdoor Lighting. Their website is . They have many products available either for home or commercial use. A sample would be their Perimeter Fence Security Lighting. It is easy to install and attaches directly to the fence post. This is an ideal alternative where grid power is inaccessible or is in a far distance. Its lamp has a 30,000 hour life and comes with a 5 year warranty. The system includes the solar panel, mounting brackets, floodlight fixture, battery, battery box, controller, 5 feet of 1.9” OD Schedule 40 Pipe.

You can also try to take a look at the following websites for other solar lighting alternatives you may have in mind: , , and .

Solar Lighting is a technology one can avail of now. Initial investment for the product may cost higher than with traditional lighting products, but in the long run, one can save more on energy consumption. Solar lighting products give you an alternative to your lighting needs, so why not consider trying these out?

Solar Lighting Products