Singapore is a country located in Southeast Asia. The population is approximately 4.5 million people. It is fairly new to being an independent location as this was established in 1965. Since that time the government has been working hard to offer a better way of life for the people. The economy has continued to improve as has the literacy rate. They have also worked to develop quality relationships with other countries. Singapore joined the United Nations immediately upon their independence as a symbol of good faith in their efforts to promote world peace.

One country that they continue to have ongoing problems with though is Malaysia. Some of the issues they current are working on is the use of water, air space, and land that each of them claims belongs to them. Getting these issues resolved in a manner that is acceptable to both countries is going to be difficult to achieve. Yet the fact that both of them are currently working on the issue means that it is possible for progress to be made.

Singapore has found itself in the history books due to the trading post that the East India Trading Company placed there in the early 1800’s. It soon became one of the most important locations along that entire route. Yet it is this importance that is also believed to have resulted in Singapore being under various types of rule over the course of history. Country leaders knew if they controlled Singapore they had something that was important to control in their hands.

There are many beautiful islands found all over Singapore. The climate is also very mild all year long. People have found Singapore to be a tropical paradise away from the reality of their normal lives. Many tourist resorts and attractions have been implemented to make areas of Singapore even more attractive.

The economy of Singapore continues to soar due to the amount of money spent annually on tourism. More than ten million people travel their each year to see what it has to offer. Many of these people are coming back each year to spend their vacation time. They may even have invested in property found there in Singapore that they can stay in when they visit.

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