Simplify Your Search For Senior Living In California – Use A Referral Agency

Simplify Your Search For Senior Living In California – Use A Referral Agency

The search for senior living can be overwhelming, when the time comes that it is no longer an option for the senior to reside at home. How does one find the most appropriate facility or senior community for themselves or their loved one? In California, choices abound! Seniors are provided with a mind boggling selection of alternatives to living at home, providing a level of safety and quality of daily living, that they are unable to receive on their own. It takes patience, energy, legwork and expertise to make the right choice… to find a loving environment that will best meet personal, social, financial and healthcare needs. But, how does one navigate the system and make the appropriate choice? A Referral Placement Agency can be the answer. Gain peace of mind knowing that you have the help of knowledgeable people helping to connect you with the facilities positioned to meet yours or your loved one’s needs.

Referral Placement Agencies are all unique and each have created their own model of service. To the benefit of the consumer, their services are at no cost to the senior or to the family. Typically, the agency receives a fee from the facility chosen by the senior or their family. It is of utmost importance that the agency represents the senior’s needs foremost, instead of trying to fit a “square peg into a round hole” as they provide facility recommendations! Be sure that the agency refers to a broad spectrum of facilities, not just a select few.

Choosing the right agency can ease your search dramatically. Working with a Referral Placement Agency can be an efficient process, saving you time and anguish.

There are a number of important factors to consider to help make the right choice.

• Is the agency State licensed enabling them to refer to the full continuum of facilities?

• Does the agency have sufficient staff to handle your call when you need assistance or are you waiting in a queue or leaving a message?

• Are they available to you after-hours, when you may need it most?

• Does the agency do an in depth intake to fully understand the personal needs of the senior so that they can provide the best facility matches?

• Does the agency provide “fresh”, detailed & accurate facility information? Do they know which places speak “Russian” and who will take a pet?

• Do key individuals in the agency maintain State certifications, formally confirming their knowledge of the regulations that govern the long-term industry?

• Will they take the time to check availability to meet your specifications?

• Do they have the expertise to provide helpful hints on what to look for to streamline comparing facilities?

• Do they understand the payor sources. Do they know what the government programs provide and under what criteria?

• Can the agency assist you regarding the next steps needed to facilitate the move?

• Is the agency out and about in the community performing onsite visits to the facilities they have recommended?

• Does the agency provide a “hand’s on” follow-up service, available to you to answer questions to ease the senior’s transition?

Leaving one’s own home… deciding which senior residence to move to as needs change, is not easy for anyone. Consider using a Referral Placement Agency to ease the process. Choose wisely!

Accent on Seniors, a State licensed, personalized, FREE referral placement service, offers information and expert recommendations to Retirement, Assisted Living, Board & Care, Skilled Nursing and Alzheimer’s/Dementia facilities.

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