Shipping Container Homes Recycling Ideas

Shipping Container Homes Recycling Ideas

The importation industry in United States is certainly flourishing, the country is apparently purchasing way too much merchandise from other industrial countries such as China. Hence one will not be left to wonder what is the cause of the increasing pile of shipping container homes that have become an environmental hazard. It appears that it is actually cheaper to make new shipping container homes rather than to have it shipped back to its port of origin.

In many port cities with freight terminals there are thousands of shipping container homes that have accumulated over the years, increasingly looming behind the suburban areas near the area. If left ignored, it ominously mars the magnificence of coastlines not to mention the environmental peril it poses.

Shipping container homes, or more appropriately called inter-modal steel building units (ISBUs) is recognizable to almost anyone. It is made of water and fire resistant materials and very sturdy. Which is why there are some innovative architects who thought of recycling the readily available shipping container homes into an more functional work of art. There are several architects who are conducting some studies and looking into the possibility of converting the containers into a low-cost house.

It sure looks like these architects are having a field day testing the possibilities of the material, not much different to the Lego blocks that we all used to play as a kid. The possibilities are practically limitless. Its like you are given a clean slate and you could give life to your own imagination. With the high cost of building a house nowadays, there ISBUs housing projects will prove to be more appealing to many American consumers. Aside from houses, it can also be made into some really useful furniture, that is if you have a thing for more really innovative pieces.

Since the shipping container homes are made from high-grade materials that make it resistant to extreme the most extreme weather conditions, it is a great solution for many hurricane stricken areas. The possibility of recycling these containers will also significantly reduce the use of wood for building residential structures. Aside from this, by merely recycling the containers, the construction time will be considerably cut down. But the much bidder upside of recycling the metal containers is the chance to trim down its growing numbers, and put them into better usage. Its like hitting two birds with one stone, or so the saying goes.