Shiatsu Massage – Its Some Little Yet Significant Known Benefits

Shiatsu Massage – Its Some Little Yet Significant Known Benefits

A point-pressure method, shiatsu massage is a form of acupressure using only the fingers, palm, elbow points, knees, and feet and toes. It is a long time Chinese medicine practice designed to improve or balance out the energy flow in the human body. Using those point-pressure body parts, the massage enables the body to experience deep relaxation, increased and balance energy levels.

For the couple thousand years, it is undeniable what the principle shiatsu adheres to being able to produce many health and wellness benefits to the ancient and modern people alike. When it went into Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, the shiatsu therapy widely evolved from treating spiritual, mental, and physical conditions into curing simple muscular disorders and tension.

As it continued to be exported, other Western countries adopted it as well back in 1970s causing now the therapy system to become a universal treatment technique providing overall wellness to the people. As its popularity rose, licensed providers flourished so that every individual can now enjoy its little yet significant known benefits.

Muscle pain and rheumatoid arthritis

According to the statistics, a percent of the population in the world is a sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis. A chronic inflammation occurring in the body tissues and attacking the joint linings, rheumatoid arthritis can be treated by shiatsu acupressure massage system by alleviating the patient with these symptoms. It is most effective especially when the massage pressure is applied into the hands and feet where arthritis commonly affects; but also beneficial when applied to different body parts affected by the disease. In addition to treating rheumatoid arthritis, shiatsu massage is also helpful in improving the health and condition of other muscles found in the body by reducing pain and improving blood circulation.

Digestive and circulatory system

A gentle pressure provided by the shiatsu massage therapist is known to be therapeutically beneficial to the digestive and circulatory system. It helps improve cellular nutrition and the circulation throughout your body that its digestive system allows food to be digested more easily while it also aids in proper elimination of its waste products. It is also beneficial as it assists in the metabolism and removal of fat as well as increases the body’s stamina.

Migraine and Headaches

Migraines are caused when blood vessels found in your brain are rapidly narrowing and widening giving you pain and irritation. Some of the common symptoms include nausea, weakness, numbness, vision problems and sensitivity to glare or light. There are many causes why migraines occur and some of them are stress, hunger, foods that contain caffeine and nitrates, and weather changes. The shiatsu principle said to ease migraines by increasing your blood flow and improve circulation as well as relax your body.


Not only those women who suffer from depression and menstrual cramps during menstrual cycles who benefit from shiatsu but those who are expecting as well. In fact, it has been used since shiatsu has begun thousands of years ago. The principle of shiatsu is believed to help pregnant women who are in labor as well as help in turning the babies inside the womb. It also helps alleviate morning sickness symptoms as well as swelling often associated with pregnancy.


Shiatsu massage is known to help stimulating the circulation of the skin’s soft tissues in the capillaries. As the massage to the skin is administered, it enables the sebaceous glands to open up and keep the skin smooth and moist. It keeps resilience of the skin and prevents wrinkling.

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