Shiatsu Massage – For Menopausal Treatment

Shiatsu Massage – For Menopausal Treatment

Even women who suffer from menopause symptoms can benefit from shiatsu massage. This has been found a long time ago and so in aid to other pharmaceutical remedies or herbal treatment, shiatsu massage therapy can help women alleviate the often uncomfortable and painful symptoms associated with menopausal stage.

The shiatsu practice was derived from an oriental medical principle pointing to human body as one with a series or network of meridians. This series of meridians is where chi, the vital positive energy, found to flow freely through it. According to this principle, a person becomes sickly once this flow of energy becomes disrupted and sluggish, or imbalanced.

This imbalance of energy in the body can also be associated to symptoms caused by menopause therefore is believed to be cured by using shiatsu massage therapy, with application of pressure on particular body points which correspond as meridian point. The goal now of shiatsu therapy is to bring back the free flow of chi so that the body becomes normal again.

How Are Menopause Symptoms Treated?

Before shiatsu massage therapy is administered, the patient is given accurate diagnosis first by a qualified practitioner. If the patient is suffering from shoulder pains, dizziness, and ringing in her ears, the practitioner can address these conditions with the help of shiatsu therapy. If the patient has the tendency to suffer from any stomach disorders or nervous disorders, eating disorder or to become easily caught with frustration and anxiety, the practitioner can help by applying pressure to stomach point.

Likewise, heart palpitations and nervous disorders can be treated by applying pressure to meridian points for the kidneys, bladder, and the heart. It is also the same treatment that can help improve the patient’s condition when she is suffering from a constant fatigue. For obese and those with hormonal imbalance, the practitioner needs to apply pressure to the meridian point corresponding the gall bladder.

Tension and anxiety can be treated by finding the middle point existing between the patient’s eyebrows, above where the nose bridge is found. A circular massage technique finds relief for the patient as she inhales and exhales in a count of 30. Repeating the process will continue providing relief, and even more so when the patient shuts her eye and concentrates to her heartbeat and steady breathing.

What to Expect

Sometimes, it will help a lot if you ask the shiatsu massage specialist of the different techniques applied to your body points. Certain application of pressure can hurt you and if you are uncomfortable with it, you can always choose the type that works for best, whether it is pulsating, stroking, or smooth kind of shiatsu massage.

The session usually lasts from forty to an hour. You are typically applied pressure while lying down on a padded mat on a flat floor. It usually starts with manipulation of your skin combined with gentle stretching, and this allows relaxation of the muscles as well as stimulation of the body’s energy.

The effect on your body can be very calming, gentle, or good with high pressure. However, always remember that is should never let you feel hurt or painful. While shiatsu massage therapy is about rapid circular motion, it is aided with medium pressure. The shiatsu massage shall aid to the symptoms of menopause and shall give you improved condition after each session and even better after continued ones.

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