Shiatsu Massage: An Oriental Therapy Rebalancing Treatment

Shiatsu Massage: An Oriental Therapy Rebalancing Treatment

Shiatsu originated from the Eastern or oriental therapy treatment to energy imbalance and physical disorders. It is typically associated as mere oriental massage; however, the underlying principle that it has been promoting since 2000 years ago proves that there is more to shiatsu massage therapy than mere massage.

In fact, the use of point-pressure method, with thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, knees, and feet and toes as instrument, and without the use other mechanical or medical instruments, can help improve one’s overall health and well-being. How? Read through to find more about this oriental therapy rebalancing energy treatment.

First, let’s take a look at the wide benefits that shiatsu provides to the human bodies:
– improving circulatory system
– giving flexibility to muscular system as well as to the skin
– aiding in recovery of the bone system balance
– facilitating in the digestive system functions
– improving endocrinous system
– regulating the nervous system’s functions

Note that all these benefits are delivered with the use of point-pressure principle promoted by shiatsu massage. The point-pressure massage, as it sounds as simple lacking deep health significance, reaches through the chi flowing through the series of meridians which are associated with the vital organs of the human body.

The massage balances the out of control flowing of chi or energy in these meridians, so that after enough shiatsu massage therapy sessions, there is a balanced energy. As the balanced energy is achieved, there reflects improved condition on the treated specific meridian points. Shiatsu therefore is a medical instrument/device-free technique that helps correct internal dysfunctions, promote and keep health back on track.

It does not cure diseases though. That assignment is of course left to the more qualified medical practitioners and wonders of the science technology. But what shiatsu can do is to give bigger sense of improvement that the client instantly experiences once they start having the massage therapy; and enjoying the fortification of the functions of the body organs and more importantly to the natural resistance against illnesses.

It is not to be confused. Shiatsu is designed to normalize and balance vital energy to improve overall well being. By well being, it means not only the physical but the mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual being. The meridian sections found in the body where the chi flows freely, are said to be linked to all these aspects of the human and spiritual body.

The shiatsu massage principle instantly works when there is a deficit or overflow of energy chi in these meridian sections. These couple conditions mean there is an irregularity in the nature of the human body; therefore needs to be corrected, and shiatsu can administer a lot of help in doing so. The therapist works with their hands, elbows, knees and feet to find these irregularities and do that pressure-point technique to give you energy rebalance. The shiatsu massage therapy is very well a concept that ideally provides better alternative to people seeking only improved well being and better lifestyle.

In the daily hassles they experience, through the trials and harshness, rebalancing the energy through this massage technique will help in improving your life so that an individual can live happier, with uplifted being, and controlled health condition. Shiatsu massage therapy is not a mere massage method but it goes deep beyond, seeking more significance in the name of better health and well being.