Scuba Vacations

Scuba Vacations

For those who have taken scuba diving courses, scuba vacations are the next step to enjoying the treasures of the deep and perfecting their diving skills. In almost every country in the world that is by a warm water coast, there are scuba resorts and scuba vacations just waiting to be discovered. Popular destinations for scuba vacations include:

• Australia
• Honduras
• Tahiti
• Indonesia
• Hawaii
• Galapagos

and many other breathtaking locations. Depending on the time of year and the popularity of the destination, you might be able to find discount on scuba vacations. However, many die-hard scuba divers would rather spend a little extra money for the best quality scuba vacations. Nevertheless, much of that money is spent on fancy food and five star accommodations rather than on the quality of the scuba experience, so it is worth doing some research and take into account your priorities before selecting a scuba vacation.

A popular place to go for a scuba vacation is Montangi Island, which is close to Fiji. It is, however, a bit out of the way, and requires various forms of transportation to get there, but the spectacular beauty of the island and the large lagoon is well worth the trip. The lodging has gorgeous views of the ocean or the lagoon, and the resorts offer free tank refills as well as frequent transportation from the docks to the islands. Local nannies are provided for babysitting, if both Mom and Dad are going scuba diving, and many parents who go on scuba diving vacations to the Montangi Island report satisfaction with the local women as caregivers. The island is located around an extinct volcanic equator and has a striking 440 foot high promontory stretching upward. Many people who come to the Montangi island return for subsequent scuba vacations.

If you are looking for great scuba vacations in the states, try Hawaii, with its many islands and gorgeous locations. The Kauai island is one of the most popular place in Hawaii for scuba vacations. You can choose vacations that focus on other activities, such as tennis and pool swimming, in addition to scuba diving, or resorts that are “scuba intensive” and provide opportunities for diving daily and sometimes at night. You should take into account your level of experience and be careful not to overstrain yourself; if you are a beginner, you can always warm up to diving and go on more advanced scuba vacations at a later date.

The most sophisticated scuba vacations offer 50 foot luxury speed yachts with doors and ladders designed for efficient entry into the water. The yachts should have an excellent record of safety and have a high ratio of guides to guests. Many of these yacht scuba vacations will last for 7 days, with options to dive every day and also a free night dive. When you are not diving, you can enjoy comfortable rooms, internet, a mini-bar, a laundry service, and other amenities.

Before embarking on your vacation, it is important to consider the focus of your trip. If you are the only person in your family who is interested in scuba vacations, you will want to choose a resort that is geared toward activities besides diving to keep other members of your family amused. However, if diving is a family obsession, you might want to consider dedicating your entire vacation to diving, and choose scuba vacations that focus more on the diving experience than on other activities.

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