Rose Growing Tips

Rose Growing Tips

Planting a rose garden can greatly enhance your
landscape. However, it intimidates many beginners to
try to grow roses. Rose growing is thought to be quite
difficult by many.

Reports of roses getting such things as powdery mildew
can make the novice fearful of giving rose growing a
try. Yet, by paying attention to four basic elements,
your rose growing can turn out to be a huge success.

1. Soil – The best soil for a rose to grow in is if it
has a pH from 6.5 to 6.8. The soil must have good
drainage for rose growing. You are able to promote a
soil’s drainage by using peat moss.

2. Irrigation – The best thing to do is to give your
rose bushes a good drink at least twice a week. If you
give your roses two deep waterings each week, this is
better than four less thorough waterings. It is best
to try not to water your roses late in the evening.
This could foster powdery mildew which is a common
disease among roses.

3. Spacing – If you do not adequately space your
roses, you are inviting powdery mildew to form on your
roses. It is best to let them breathe. Be sure to
follow the spacing requirements that are indicated on
the plant label when you buy your roses.

4. Sun – Roses enjoy six hours of sunlight each day.
It is preferable to have the roses get morning sun
rather than the afternoon sun.

There is nothing more beautiful than a rose bush in
full bloom. Do not let the growing of roses intimidate
you. Just follow the above tips and you are bound to
be a success at rose growing!

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Rose Growing Tips