Recession Answers

Recession Answers

Are you concerned about inflation, a recession, or even a depression in the early 21st Century? If you are concerned about either one or the real possibility of all the economic woes that potentially face the United States you are surely not alone as more and more people find they are having real trouble paying their mortgages and putting food on the table as money dries up, home values plummet, grocery prices escalate and petroleum prices sky rocket.

America’s economic picture is driving the election primaries of both parties as well as the independents. As Tip O’Neill once opined, all politics are local. If your perception is, “it’s the economy stupid” you want one candidate. If housing prices are holding in your neighborhood, you want another candidate.

It was not many days ago that our collective major concern was the War in Iraq and American service members scattered around the world in harms way as Islamic Jihadists swore their destruction. If you have a son, daughter, wife, husband, mother or father on their fourth or fifth tour of duty with the United States Military in Iraq as the Tennessee Mountain Man and Computer Man do that may well remain your driving force and you probably support yet another candidate. But it appears to be more and more clear that across the board, America’s primary concern in the 2008 election year rightly or wrongly is the economy.

There is a raging disagreement between those well heeled gurus in the know who live on the upper side of town about whether or not we are in a recession. Many on the Fox Business Channel seem to believe we are and that Chairman Ben Bernanke of the United States Federal Reserve Bank is behind rather than in front of the curve. Bernanke disagrees although he did seem to tell congress in middle January, 2008, that we could be in danger of sliding in that direction.

The federal government apparently agrees with the view that a recession is imminent if not in full throttle otherwise why would the captain of the ship be ordering the life rafts deployed with all haste. Both political parties are rushing to get cash back in the hands of the people hoping they will spend it on new purchases driving the economy forward.

Grand ma who was already having a problem deciding whether to buy the medicine her doctor prescribed or the food her body needed and who remembers the great depression don’t have any doubts. She has seen the horse and buggy, the model T, the iron horse, the air plane, Sputnik, the man in the moon and a man on the moon and air conditioning (although she can’t afford any) replace the funeral home fan along with a recession or two in her life time, and she knows a recession when it comes roaring through her family.

Since Grand ma knows little to nothing about GNP/GDP. She basis her observations on the real life of real Americans struggling to survive, not on the fancy mathematical maneuvering and stats of professors and practitioners isolated in their ivory towers or professional politicians lost in the bowels of government hidden inside the Washington Beltway.

The truth is real people are hurting. There is plenty of blame to go around and probably more than one solution to the recession issue. It is after all a complicated issue, and some business types like auto manufacturers and home builders are hurting more than others.

It does not help that we have shipped so many manufacturing jobs off shore and over taxed and imposed other burdens on businesses to the point many have been forced to either close their doors or move their operations outside the United States.

Remote Helpdesk 1 has seen many businesses come and go over the years. We have seen a recession or two ourselves, and we have learned that there are some fairly safe options for entrepreneurs during an economic turn down. In fact there are some who do much better in tough times.

Tired of punching a clock, lost your job or just want to be your own boss? In bad times there are always ways to thrive if you are perceptive and agile. Never feel that because a recession is under way that there are no opportunities for you.

You might want to consider one of these: the health industry, collections, funeral parlor, auto repair, used furniture outlet, used clothing and household items store, pawn shops also thrive in such times, tutoring, selling on an online auction, internet ad business… use the computer between your shoulders as well as the one on your desk to come up with options.

If you are already in business, this is not the time to become despondent. It is time to drive forward. You can’t sit and wait for your ship to come in. There are opportunities! Increase advertising, get more personally involved in your community and your church and business and professional organizations, slash your prices to bare bones if you need to, visit current and dormant accounts and customers and make sure they know you are still around and that you appreciate them.

Remember, we have been here before. You are not going through this alone. It is cyclical, and this too shall pass. In the mean time, make up your mind to enjoy the ride. You have little choice but to take the trip so determine to arrive stronger, happier, and richer as a result of the experience that God, in His wisdom has allowed you to conquer with His provision and guidance.

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