Pugs: Unique and One of a Kind

Pugs: Unique and One of a Kind

This endearing little dog is gaining popularity as more and more people fall in love with this odd looking dog. For the Pug size is irrelevant and this brave and adorable dog will become your most loyal companion.

The head and tail are the most distinctive features of this breed. The short muzzle and decidedly “squashed” appearance have a lot to do with the increase in popularity that the breed is currently enjoying. If you are thinking of owning a Pug you will want to know some things about the breed before purchasing In order to make an informed decision.

The short muzzle is also the cause of many of the health problems that Pugs suffer from. Breathing problems, sinus problems and snoring are just some of the issues that result from this charming facial feature.

They are generally small and the breed standard states that they should be between 14-18 pounds. Pugs are prone to overeating and should be exercised regularly to avoid obesity.

The Pugs’ characteristically wrinkled skin is another of the breeds charms. If you own a Pug be sure to clean between your Pug’s wrinkles regularly to avoid skin infections. All kinds of nasty stuff gets trapped in there and can cause an odor.

The Pug is intelligent and mischievous with a heart of gold. They are good watchdogs and they get along well with other pets. A well-trained pug is well behaved with children and strangers. Generally friendly and a pleasure to be around, you will need to spend some time training and socializing your Pug puppy.

Pugs also have some special grooming needs. Their short coat is easy to groom but they do tend to shed a lot. However if you have a fawn colored pug the hair is very hard to see if you have light colored carpet and furniture.

A well cared for Pug can live up to 15 years and over. Regular exercise, (careful not to over do it though) is a must.

Feeding your Pug a good quality diet will make a difference to his lifespan. Pugs are prone to obesity and you will need to control their food intake. The accepted standard is that you should be able to feel the Pugs ribs and see a waist.

A Pug has the ability to be both calm and also playful when the time is right. Their cute mischievous faces make them a delight. They are very easy going and adapt to most situations. They are also great with children and tend to put up with anything children can dish out. Try to spend as much time as possible with your Pug puppy.