Problems at day care

Problems at day care

Many parents complain about the problems faced by their children at the day care centers. Parents complain that their child is not ready to go to day care center. To top it, the child misbehaves at the center and possesses erratic behavior when brought home. These are normal problems associated with children going to day care centers.

Always remember one thing – your child is actually crying for you. She has that terrifying thought of missing her parent for the whole day. Her child brain doesn’t allow her to think of being away from her parents for such a long time. This psychological problem should be handled with care. Save yourself with some time in the morning with your child before starting for work. These few minutes will be great for the child. Talk about the great things that will happen to the child in the day care center. Discourage your child from thinking of negative things about the day care center.

Reach the center earlier than the stipulated time and spend few minutes with the child at the center. Try to get involved your child in some creative activity of her choice. Always sport a smile on your face – this will give the impression to the child that the center is a nice place full of fun. Try to meet persons out there with warmness. Spend few extra minutes with the person loved most by your child at the center. Child will be normal within few minutes of your departure from the scene.

Picking up child in the evening time is a mix of challenging situations – child is happy that the day has ended and that tomorrow is not far away. Child may start building the background for missing the tomorrow to day care center. This requires the maximum management skills on your part. Talk to the child about good things happened in the day at the center. Spend some quality time with the child in the evening.

If your child doesn’t adjust herself even after few months, its time to take a call on the situation. You may have to opt for special day care for your child. This may come in the form of home care, nanny or a college student. Let the child get adjusted in the homely setting, and then switch to a day care center after some time. It is worth remembering that you may have to work on child separation some time before these facilities are actually used.

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