Pinterest for Business Why Consider Putting Your Business There

Pinterest for Business – Why Consider Putting Your Business There

When it comes to discussing the different kinds of social networking sites, we are reminded of Facebook and Twitter. This can be attributed to the fact that these two are the most popular and frequently visited sites by almost a billion people all over the world. However, another one is slowly making its impact in the overly saturated social media market. This is no other than Pinterest.

Business owners and marketers may want to consider having a Pinterest account for marketing and advertising purposes. In fact, business owners should not only limit themselves to the use of popular social media sites on the Internet, but should also ask the questions “Why bother with Pinterest?”

Here are a few facts that will give business owners an idea of what Pinterest can offer them.

Pinterest is now open for business.
Last November, Pinterest was able to provide businesses with an account intended for business purposes. While it is different from personal accounts, Pinterest for Businesses is already made available. The business account contains different tools that any business owner can make use of in order to maximize the marketing potential of Pinterest. It has its own web analytics which displays data relevant to marketing strategies like who’s following your different images, which images are popular and has the most number of repins, and who visits your account. There are other tools that would prove useful, especially if you want to gain more consumers. Pinterest also provides tips on how to further expand your Pinterest business account.

Pinterest holds more visual content
Pinterest is much different than other popular social networking sites that we have. Its uniqueness is what sets it apart from other known social networking sites on the web. Pinterest is a visual heavy site that it is good for photo uploading and sharing, and video hosting. It acts like an online visual board that enables you to upload photos based on a certain theme or description. If the photo is of interest to other members, sharing is as easy as re-pinning a picture. Re-pin is the equivalent of Twitter’s Retweet and Facebook’s Share feature. Re-pin activities are automatically shown on your personal Pinterest account.

Pinterest can be connected.
Another great thing that business owners would surely love about the site is its ability to be connected to their website and different social networking accounts. You are able to copy and paste the Pinterest widget in your business site and a small button would show for every image shown. This allows easy sharing and pinning on your customer’s end so they can also showcase it in their individual Pinterest account. You can easily integrate your account to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which makes it easy for customers to detect your activities on these different sites.

There is no doubt that having a Pinterest account is as essential as having your own email address. If you have been yearning to introduce your business to another platform, you can always start creating an account in Pinterest. Once you get used to it, you will be able to appreciate the business side of the Pinterest.

Pinterest for Business Why Consider Putting Your Business There