Pinterest for Business New Business Accounts Now Up

Pinterest for Business – New Business Accounts Now Up!

Pinterest is now making waves not only in social networking, but also in business marketing as well. It has been on the web for quite some time now, however it was not able to compete with Facebook and Twitter yet in terms of business advertising. Businesses would still create their own personal accounts just like anyone else without distinguishing their pins from the rest. The good thing is taht business accounts are now set in Pinterest’s newest platform.

The Pinterest’s Business Accounts have their own terms and conditions. Apart from that, they also have great promotional options. Widgets are now made available and also educational materials for review while promotional products are set to be in place in the near future as well.

Pinterest has set three new features duly made available for businesses on the site. The first is for personal user accounts that most user use for photo sharing and pinning. For the business side, there is a verified website feature. Once your site has been checked, a red circle and checkmark will appear that includes your business address on your profile page.
The second thing is profile and board widgets. This displays your pins and your entire album. As a business owner, you can add the Pin It and Follow buttons to your website. This makes it relatively easier to pin from your site to someone else’s. Propagating your image throughout the cyberspace is now made easier.

The third one is having a business portal to aid your company get the most out of Pinterest. This includes a section that taps the best marketing practices, how to maximize Pinterest to your advantage, and also using the Pinterest brand and logo for marketing.

These tools and materials are fairly easy to use and understand that even new users and business owners will be able to adjust without any difficulty.
Paid promotion is something that Pinterest is gearing towards. Although this is not been official yet, this would include paid promotional opportunities for marketers. There would also be analytical tools making you understand your business and your audience better. This truly is one powerful tool for any businesses out there.

Pinterest may still be in its infancy stage with regards to business and marketing, yet we cannot deny the fact that this is evolving to meet such demands. The notion that you would be able to expand your market presence not only in Facebook and Twitter truly makes Pinterest more appealing.