Pinterest for Business How Pinterest can Help Promote your Business Website

Pinterest for Business – How Pinterest can Help Promote your Business Website

Not a lot of people, let alone business owners, realized how powerful social networking sites could be when they first started out. Old sites like Friendster, MySpace, and Multiply were nothing more than online gateways for young people to connect and interact. Of course, back then, these sites already had close to a hundred million registered users or more, with millions of them online at any given time, but no one considered how powerful they would be as marketing tools. Today, the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest has brought business owners the real challenge of reaching out to their customers on a global scale.

What can business owners do with Pinterest, a relatively new social networking site?
Believe it or not, this virtual-pinboard is one of the fastest growing social networking site, garnering close to 110 million unique visitors every month. Although the number of users isn’t as high as Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest still managed to overcome two social networking giants namely LinkedIn and Google+. But how can business owners maximize Pinterest?

1.) Proper profile management – Users spend an average of 89 minutes on Pinterest, and business owners should replicate this kind of dedication. For business owners, creating a social networking site and leaving it alone just won’t do. One needs to dedicate an ample amount of time into managing the profile and to do some networking and socializing in order to build a reputation. This includes filling out the necessary details, proper use of keywords and description fields, and promoting your pins.

2.) Maintain activity – Like any other social networking site, your activity is reflected on Pinterest. This feature would allow users to view just how active you are, and if you’re a business owner, you’d want users to know that your business’ Pinterest is active. This would allow potential customers to know that you are there to address their concern if ever.

3.) Quid pro quo – One of the best features that social networking sites have is sharing. In this case, Pinterest has a Re-pin feature, which would allow you to re-pin other user’s content in your board. Pinterest etiquette would dictate that it wouldn’t harm to re-pin other’s content if one’s content has been re-pinned too. Re-pin also means that you are appreciating their images and videos, and your customers may feel the same way about your business’ Pinterest content.

When these three simple steps are followed, you will be generating a reputation for your business’ Pinterest profile, and it would only take you at about 89 minutes a day.

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