Pinterest for Business Exploring the Benefits of Pinterest Business Accounts

Pinterest for Business – Exploring the Benefits of Pinterest Business Accounts

Pinterest recently welcomed business owners by providing special accounts for them. The Pinterest Business Account is way different from the personal accounts because business owners need to have their business websites verified before they can get considered for a business account. What sets it apart from the personal accounts is that it has certain tools and features which allow business owners to see who’s visiting their accounts, the average number of visits it generates on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and other tools for marketing analysis.
The goal of any social networking site, especially Pinterest, is to help business owners achieve a growth in their income and to increase their marketing reach. But what are the real benefits of having a Pinterest Business Account?
1.) Verified company accounts – This is a way to secure your company’s presence and integrity online. Pinterest staff will verify your website through your submitted INDEX page. This is the equivalent of Twitter’s verified accounts which help ward off impostors. When you have a verified company account, you will be able to connect your Pinterest’s sharing and following buttons on your company’s website, which will help connect your fans to your Pinterest profile and vice versa.
2.) Create contests and better interaction with your fans and customers – With a verified account, you will be able to hold contests for your fans and customers (Pinterest gives permissions for business accounts to hold their own contests). A verified account will allow your customers to engage with you without any doubt of your company’s legitimacy and integrity. The ability to directly engage with your fans and to share in their activity will help you develop a sense of personal and professional relationship with them simply because you know them and they know your company.
3.) Content-rich boards – Pinterest is different from other social networking sites because it relies on visual content like images and videos. With a verified business account, you will be able to post original videos and images of your company’s products, and to guarantee that it belongs to your company, you can add watermarks to these content. Customers will be able to share, or re-pin, your pictures on their feed, provided that you do the same for their pictures. It’s one of the most important Pinterest etiquettes.
A verified business account in Pinterest can open new marketing doors for your company. All you have to do is to know what kind of doors you want to open and how you want to open them.