Petals For Your Tea

Petals For Your Tea

I’m sure you’ve heard about green teas. And you’ve probably have had your share of iced teas. But have you tried flower teas? Never? With the mad rush to drink green tea as recommended by every fitness and healthy living nut, it’s no wonder that flower teas and its benefits are paid little attention.

Let me clue you in about flower teas. Flower teas are mainly of Chinese origin. They are essentially green teas (like the ones advocated for fitness and healthy living) scented and enriched with flower oils. Jasmine blossoms are the flowers usually used for flower teas. The flowers bloom nightly and they are put in an area that is quite cool until nightfall. Just before they bloom, they are placed on heaps of dried and heated leaves of good-quality green tea. As a result, the leaves take on and absorb fragrant oils from the flowers. When the flowers and leaves heat up again, they are re-arranged for the next cycle of scenting. Ordinary flower teas are scented for only 2 or 3 times while special teas are scented for up to 7 times.

For fitness and healthy living, flower teas are highly prescribed by Asian medicine. Because in addition to green tea benefits, flower teas also have benefits from flowers. In particular, jasmine tea is especially good for anti-aging, digestive problems, and as an anti-bacterial drink. First, it improves the body’s defense system against diseases by boosting body immunity. Second, flower teas also raises the body’s chances against cancers and heart ailments. Studies have shown that flower teas actually prevent bad cholesterol absorption by keeping the walls of blood vessels from rigidity. It also prevents mutation of cells which causes cancer. Third, it stimulates the circulatory system and heart which ensures steady supply of oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body.

Flower teas’ effects are not exclusive to the internal body system. These teas also prevents oral problems such as tooth decay, cavities, and bad breath. Researches show that flower teas contain flouride and tannin which improves tooth enamel. Fitness and healthy living are also judged based on healthy skin and youthfulness. Flower teas also benefit the skin by flushing toxins from the body out. Also, the flouride in it promotes better bones for good posture. Improvement of body functions also aids in preserving the body’s youthful appearance.

Lastly, as flower teas are aromatic, they are also good for aromatherapy. It relaxes and soothes the senses resulting in a better sense of well-being which is essential for fitness and healthy living. Why not toss that coffee and treat yourself to a relaxing flower tea experience.