People Building Newsletter No.2

People Building Newsletter No.2

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This month we have focused on the mind-boggling but fascinating world of quantum physics. This is an area which is covered in our Master Practitioner training and it’s much more interesting then it sounds! Once you delve into some of this stuff, you feel as if you’ll never view the world in the same way again!!

Quantum Physics

Quantum physics is the study of the tiniest bits of stuff in our universe, the minute building blocks of the matter around us. Quantum physicists came up with the phenomena known as the ‘Observer Effect’ – the idea that the way we observe something changes its very nature.

Scientists found that observing an electron will change its path because the act of observing light or radiation contains enough energy to disturb it. Also, in a famous study, scientists found that light can be seen as a wave or particle depending on the instrument that was being used to observe it.

What does this have to do with NLP?

Well, quantum physics suggests that we create the world around us. This relates to many of the principles underlying NLP. For example, the idea that we can control the way we experience our world through using our minds more effectively. Quantum physics supports NLP’s presupposition that the ‘map is not the territory’. It argues that we learn to construct our reality and that we each have our own separate reality that we create in our mind/brain. In other words, my world is very different to yours!! For example, story has it that when Christopher Columbus sailed up too the Caribbean, the natives were unable to see his boat as they had no concept of what a boat was.

A similar effect was also demonstrated in a study in which 2 groups of kittens were raised in an environment where they were exposed to only horizontal stripes or vertical bars. It was found that as adults, the cats exposed to horizontal stripes were unable to recognise the vertical bars and vice versa. The observer effect goes as far as to say that we do not even know that something exists until we observe it. So, there cannot be an absolute past or future.

Quantum physics argues that there are infinite numbers of probable pasts and futures, everything that could of happened did, but you choose the one you observe and create it. You cannot not change the world as it’s not possible to separate the observer from the observed.

Therefore if you change your observation you change the events and the meaning of the events in your past. Of course, this is precisely the aim of NLP therapeutic techniques such as Change Personal History – to change a persons observation or perception of past significant emotional events.
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Other news!

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Ha Ha Ha!!!!

What NLP terminology really means…….

Metaphor – not quite what your actually talking about
Observer – somebody too lazy to get involved
Dissociation – a group or club you are no longer part of
Contrastive Analysis – mines bigger than yours


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