Ovunque Sia: (Wherever it may be) Where to Learn Italian Dishes

Ovunque Sia: (Wherever it may be) Where to Learn Italian Dishes

Italy is not only one of the most powerful and influential economies in the world. Ital y is also a major player in music, theatre, arts, design, fashion and of course – cuisine. There are different Italian restaurants that are providing gastronomic delight to its customers. Where could one gather much information about Italian cuisine? Where to learn about Italian dishes and methods of preparing them?

Italian food is one of the most popular and tastiest food in the world. That is why many culinary students would like to master cooking Italian recipes. Similar to learning language, learning Italian cuisine can reach immense heights and success through immersing or washing oneself in the country’s culture.

Many Italian cooking schools in Italy already offers bedding, cooking utensils, furniture, etc. Students who have gone abroad or to a different school to study just need bring necessary clothes and other necessities. It is important to take into consideration that the student’s stuff will gradually increase.

Most students spend an entire semester or years in culinary schools to expand their knowledge and horizon. Meanwhile, there are students who see that learning how to cook Italian would be a great way to spent time with their vacation. This is regardless if the students are great chefs or just passionate about cooking.

By participating to one of the many cooking or culinary schools in Italy can enable you to learn the secrets of authentic Italian cuisine while having fun with people who share your interests and passion. Cooking skill can start from even the most basic knowledge, there are culinary schools, informal cooking classes and even cooking academies.

Informal cooking classes can last from a day to a few weeks. Informal schools or even some culinary schools, create a fun and casual atmosphere. These experiences can be enjoyable for any level of cook, from amateur or even professionals.

These are several notable schools in Italy that teach cooking and culinary arts:

• Andrea Sposini is from Scuola darte culinaria Alta Societa’. She teaches students simple, understated, authentic Umbrian cuisine with exquisite extra virgin olive oils, superior wines and world famous salamis and cured meats. She had conducted series of international shows both in America and England. Meanwhile, Alta Societa’ offers intensive courses in gourmet cooking for aspiring chefs. They also conduct day classes for visitors who want to learn the basics of Italian cuisine.

• Cook Italy offers regional cooking lessons, sepcializing in regional dishes in Tuscany and Bologna. Cooking lessons are conducted in excellent locations in Bologna, Cartona, Lucca and even in Siracusa, Sicily.

• Tours and cooking vacations in Italy is what Mama Margaret and Friends are known for. Aside from cooking, they also conduct tours and visits in vineyards, country farms and kitchens of local chefs.

• Culinary Institutes are more similar to academies. This is not usually for beginners, aspiring cooks and professionals usually go here to learn about Italian cuisine for a full semester. Italian culinary institutes are for those who are interested in mastering regional and national specialties.

• Apicius- Culinary Institue of Florence offers culinary education for those who are just learning the field. They also offer a Master in Italian Cuisine course for experienced chefs.

• Designed for non-professional and professional chefs, the Higher Institute of Gastronomy and School of Regional Cooking can be found in the heart of the city. They also conduct visits to traditional cheese and balsamic vinegar making facilities.
• Fontana del Papa sets an excellent introduction to Italy. They offer cooking and wine classes and special cookery for children.

Where to learn Italian dishes is never a question in Italy. There are a lot of Italian cooking and culinary schools, professionals and beginners can go to. Students learn more that cuisine and food, they learn a lot about Italian culture.

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Ovunque Sia: (Wherever it may be) Where to Learn Italian Dishes