Online Dating Dos and Don’ts

Online Dating Dos and Don’ts

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence nowadays solve problems that we find almost impossible to solve in real life. One of the problems that is being solved expertly on the great world wide web is that of creating well matched couples and finding people perfect partners. In case you are also looking for a relationship, but cannot seem to find someone who suits your taste, then joining and searching through internet dating sites might turn out to be a good option for you.

A few dos and don’ts that should help you in getting the optimum results out of your forays on internet dating sites are given below.

• First and foremost, find dating sites that cater to “your” kind of people. Different people have different tastes, hobbies, interests and sexual inclinations. So, if you cannot think of a partner or date who does not share your interest in dancing, then make sure that you log on to a dating site that specially caters to people who love dance. Similarly, if you are gay or lesbian, then a dating site catering specially towards homosexual dating may carry more profiles of interest to you than a regular dating site. However, most good dating websites carry loads and loads of profiles which you can sort through on the basis of a number of criteria in order to find your perfect matches.

• Once you have decided which dating sites you want to be a member of, then create a nice, informative and friendly profile. Your name, age and geographical location does matter, but most people would dither from going on a blind date with just “Tom,29,Washington”. Therefore it is important that you fill in as many details about your profession, education, interests, activities and hobbies as possible, so that people with similar interests can find you easily.

• A picture speaks more than a thousand words! If this fact was not true, then this statement would not have made it through centuries and centuries of linguistic evolution. So make sure that you put in a good picture of yours on your profile. If you are really shy and do not want everybody in the world to know what you look like, then you can also put in a movie star or cartoon character that you think resembles you the most. You can also put in an Avatar, but try to make sure that that the people who date you do not think you are someone else unless you are on the dating site for the sole purpose of fooling people.

• Your profile is your one and only introduction to a large number of strangers who could become close friends given the right kind of encouragement. So make sure that your profile is written in correct language, is easy to read and is not full of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Putting profanities and peculiar slang on your profile is also a big no no, unless you are posting it on an adults only site. Similarly ,refrain from putting vulgar pictures or snaps of your privates unless you are on a site where everybody else has done the same thing.

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