New York Home Inspector

New York Home Inspector

A New York home inspector is perhaps one of the few things you can do without when buying a new home, but probably shouldn’t. That’s because his job can very well mean the difference between a few hundred dollars in additional cost for your new home or blowing off your entire life savings on a bad investment.

The New York home inspector is the professional responsible for identifying any problems or potential problems in your new home. His job is to make an objective visual assessment of all of the major components of the house, including the exteriors, structures, interior, and systems such as electrical, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, etc. As a buyer, hiring a New York home inspector is a good call since his observations will help you determine whether or not the house you’ve dreamed about buying is truly a dream house or just a financial nightmare waiting to happen.

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

A New York home inspector is fairly easy to find these days. In fact, a home inspection is the pervading trend in home buying today. Still, if you really want to get the most out of a home inspection, it’s probably a good idea to prepare for it.

1. Contact Your Home Inspector Early

If your seller hasn’t already arranged for a New York home inspector to check your house for you, then it is best that you contact the inspector of your choice well in advance. This is so that you may be able to determine how many days you will need to fulfill any conditions of your offer to purchase.

2. Attend the Inspection

To ensure that you know all there is to know about your potential new home, it is important that you join your New York home inspector during his walk through. Therefore, plan on attending the inspection. Most New York home inspectors do their inspection during regular working hours so you may have to book some time off work. A typical home inspection lasts from two to three hours so taking the afternoon off or the morning off work should suffice.

3. Prepare for the Weather

After rearranging your schedule to make room for your New York home inspector, take care to plan your wardrobe ahead, not because you need to look presentable, but because of what the weather might be. A portion of a home inspection will be done outdoors so if there’s any inclement weather coming up on your inspection day, bring warm and comfortable clothes.

4. Check with Your Seller or Agent

Once you booked your New York home inspector, the next thing you need to take care of is informing your vendor or real estate agent about the schedule. It is important that they’re okay with the arranged time of inspection as they will likely be the ones responsible for gaining access to the home that day.

5. Prepare a List of Questions

There is no better time to start getting acquainted with your potential new home than during a home inspection. Your New York home inspector probably knows more about houses than you do and he is certainly a more reliable and objective source than your real estate agent or your buyer, who you might notice don’t always have your best interest in mind. So if you must ask questions, ask your home inspector.

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