Napa Massage Therapy

Napa Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is recognized throughout the Napa Valley as an excellent way of helping people attain better health and well being. This recognition and acceptance can actually be seen with the growing number of Napa massage therapy schools which cater to a number of massage therapy programs available for those who wish to learn and apply massage to the public. And speaking of Napa massage therapy schools, it’s nice to know that the most well-known massage therapy institution in Napa Valley is none other than the Napa Valley School of Massage (NVSM).

The Napa Valley School of Massage was founded and directed by a medical doctor named Dr. Daniel E. Andrews III. He teaches massage therapy classes for the Napa massage therapy students, and it’s nice to know that this man is highly trained and experienced in Western medicine and eastern martial arts form, making him truly one of the most recognized personalities in the Napa healthcare industry.

In Napa Valley School of Massage, the students are taught with the basics and the advanced techniques of Napa massage therapy. The students are also given the chance to obtain a pre-certification training, preparing them to become excellent Napa massage therapy practitioners. And, perhaps what’s nice about this school is that they offer Napa massage therapy education for both young and adults. The programs they offer are said to be perfect for almost everybody, whether you are currently employed, student or have an otherwise busy lifestyle.

Another interesting fact to note about the Napa Valley School of Massage is that they offer their Napa massage therapy students the flexibility of day or evening classes. They also have the so-called “Basic 200-Hour” course, which is normally completed in about four months. Perhaps the most interesting part here is that this same course is available in two-month or one-month intensive. So if you prefer the long term course or the short term course, with the same coverage, you have an option to choose from.

Today, being one of the most recognized learning institutions in Napa Valley and online, the Napa Valley School of Massage is now offering online courses for those who wish to learn the techniques of Napa massage therapy. Since the course of offered online, it’s no wonder that the online course is completed by Napa massage therapy enthusiast from around the world. How long does the online course take? According to certain records, the overall online course offered by NVSM may take up to two weeks of completion. On that two-week of stay, the students have the chance to receive in-depth and personal massage instruction from certified Napa massage therapy practitioner under the supervision and direction of Dr. Andrews himself.

I bet you would also like to know that the Napa Valley School of Massage is currently a member school of the American Massage Therapy Association, one of the most recognized massage groups in the entire country. What’s more, this Napa massage therapy school is approved by the Bureau for Private Post-secondary and Vocational Education in the state of California, where the Napa Valley belongs.