Music Preferences

Music Preferences

Music is a wonderful thing. It can make people laugh, cry or feel happy or sad. It can calm a crying baby, or even motivate a person to exercise. There are all types of music, too: Rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, gospel, and many other genres as well as sub-genres. And everyone listens to some type of music. Whether it’s classic rock or gangster rap, there is a type that appeals to every person in the world. But what makes a person like a certain type of music?

Some people claim that environmental factors have a lot to do with the type of music a person prefers. Most of the time, this is true, but not necessarily. Most music buffs have diverse tastes when it comes to what they prefer to listen to. They may have grown up in a predominantly urban area where almost everyone listens to gangster rap, jazz and R & B, but grow up preferring to listen to rock and county.

Why do people find it so strange for someone of a certain race to listen to what they consider another race’s type of music? This is stereotyping. Just because a person grows up in a rich family and lives in a big, plush home in the suburbs doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy listening to rap music. And there isn’t a thing wrong with it, either. Just as there is nothing wrong with a person who grows up in the inner city, and chooses to listen to alternative rock music. Music has no color. If it sounds good, people will listen, no matter what race, age, sex, or socio-economic status.

Many people, especially children and teens, would find it hilarious if their parents were to listen to ‘young people’s music.’ Yet there is no such thing as this type of music. All people have different preferences, and if a 40-year-old prefers listening to Staind over Led Zeppelin, then what is the big deal? Just as music has no color, it also has no age. Lots of young people prefer listening to classic rock and oldies but goodies, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Again, it is just their personal preference. It doesn’t matter if they grew up listening to a totally different type of music, because once they reach a certain age, they will start listening to different radio stations and watching music videos. This will introduce them to a whole new world of music diversity, and they just may discover that they like totally different music than their peers. This is not a bad thing; it just proves that everyone is an individual and likes their own personal genre of music.

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