Mother Nature’s Housing Crisis

Mother Nature’s Housing Crisis

There is a serious housing crisis going on across the planet. You have the ability to help change this situation. Your garden needs bird houses! Advancing human development is leading to shrinking wildlife habitat and is creating a housing crisis for native and migrating birds across the country. More and more birdhouses are needed to enhance and aid wild birds in the continuing need for homes. Even tiny gardens can support several birdhouses for a variety of nesting birds. Where there is a birdhouse there should also be a bird bath or two. Birds love bubbling water and are very attracted to ponds and birdbaths and fountains that make cheery noises.

Whether you have a wild garden or a finely manicured garden, a tiny garden or a huge garden, any garden attracts birds and butterflies. Decorative birdhouses can become happy homes for our feathered friends in an instant if it is in the right place and the right place for a birdhouse is in your yard.

Early spring is the best time to set up your new birdhouses although it’s never too late to start. The types of birds you have locally will help you decide what sort of houses you need. Take a little time to study the local bird population and make informed decisions based on who you want to move into the neighborhood. Your choices of birdbaths and birdhouses does not have to be fancy nor ornate just comfortable and clean. Don’t forget to place them where local kitties can’t reach.

Birdhouses, birdbaths and bird feeders all need to be cleaned regularly to maintain the health of your feathered renters so be sure to take that into consideration when making choices for your garden housing. While you are building your new garden habitat remember to leave some shallow dishes of water around for butterflies and frogs that might come to visit as well. A garden isn’t complete until it has some friendly visitors to add color and sound to the environment. So remember to add birdhouses and birdbaths to your outdoor shopping list this summer.

Mother Nature's Housing Crisis