More than 20 years of Providing High Quality Tourism Management Software Systems

More than 20 years of Providing High Quality Tourism Management Software Systems

Established in 1982, started as a private software house under the parent company of Formula Vision Technologies, Ltd., specializing in the development, marketing and implementation of computer applications for the air transport and travel industry markets for the use of airlines, tour operators, tourist services and distribution networks. Formula Vision is a Managing holding company for emerging companies who develop and promote Proprietary IT Solutions targeting International Markets. The Formula Group is one of the largest software groups, operating internationally.

Now, Formula Travel Solutions, Ltd. (FTS) is a leading technology company, providing advanced software solutions for the travel industry. Tour operators, wholesalers and airlines use the company’s products, as smart marketing and management tools, creating competitive advantages through technology.

FTS has earned its reputation through its commitment to high quality products, excellent service and customer satisfaction. All team members are experts in their fields; listening carefully to their customers’ needs. With over 20 years of experience in travel management, technology and software development, FTS has provided its worldwide customers with solutions that have enhanced their businesses and improved their positions in the market. FTS has accumulated vast and valuable know-how and experience in information systems, state-of-the-art technology in airline and travel industry commercial operation. Their expertise and products are successfully distributed on five continents.

FTS has earned its reputation as a leading software house by its commitment to the development of high quality products, such as the AMSYS 2000, an airline management system for low-cost and charter airlines; and the TOPAX Management, a complete platform of integrated products, providing solutions for all business and operational requirements: management, distribution and connectivity. The TOPAX major breakthrough in travel management has helped companies transform their businesses into powerful distribution platforms, inventing new possibilities and providing them with a truly competitive edge.

FTS is a Formula Group company; a global software group with more than 4,000 professionals, providing a broad range of IT solutions and complementary services to customers in more than fifty countries. FTS is represented by three offices including Area Sales and Regional Sales.

FTS clients include: Asian Trails, Turismo Thai, C.C.T. Corporation, Federal, Travex, Jet Tour, and I.T.C., all of Thailand; Israir, Aviation Links, , Sky International Tours, Holiday Lines, Arkia, Isram, Amiel, Open Sky, and Caspi Aviation, all of Israel; Valuair and Kenair of Singapore; Pegas of Russia; Sata Air Acores of Portugal;; I Explore of Australia;; and Cairo Express, Destination, Eastmar Tours, Escapade Travel, Gezira Travel, Midland, Sakkara, South Sinai, and Travco, all of Egypt and NOUVELLES FRONTIERES of France

FTS is partnered with IBM, and Microsoft and is also an Extraordinary Member of the European Regional Airlines Association (ERA).