Summary: Discussing the many controversies surrounding the menopause hormones.

The occurrence of menopause is already as complicated as it is and dealing with contrasting issues on menopause hormones is something that we can certainly do away with.

Some women go through menopause with more difficulty than others. Menopausal symptoms mostly bring discomfort which make menopause harder to live with. However, there are also women who do not feel any changes and the end of their menstrual periods is the only thing that tells them menopause has come.

If menopause brings intense discomfort, consulting a health care provider is the best step to take. He may prescribe menopause hormones to alleviate the symptoms. Do not self-medicate. Even if your friend said that her menopause hormones are safe and effective, it is still possible that it won’t work well for you. Plus there are menopause hormones that should not be taken by those who have other health conditions.

A number of fortunate women are not bothered by any menopausal symptoms. They are those who breeze through menopause with more ease than learning to ride the bike. While it is still advisable to see your doctor regarding health risks linked with menopause and aging, menopause hormones are not required. There are doctors who would still advise their patients to have menopause hormones medications but the risks that are associated with these are far greater than their benefits.

Several arguments have sprung up regarding the use of menopause hormones. What makes it more complicated is the ongoing war between the traditional menopause hormones and the “compounded” menopause hormones. These “compounded” hormones are also called bio identical hormones since they are derived from plant estrogens which act like the body’s estrogens.

Commercial menopause hormones manufacturers have questioned the safety and efficiency claims of these alleged natural menopause hormones. These natural alternatives have become the more popular choice of women because they feel that these are safer than the traditional ones. Moreover, the commercial menopause hormones have been in question because of studies that found evidences linking then to several health risks.

Women have been finding more solace in the compounding menopause hormones. These plant-based medications have been given more attention by those seeking relief from menopausal symptoms. Since more and more people have turned to these alternative remedies, giant commercial hormones manufacturers have questioned the safety of the natural drugs. They say that people have been using medications that are not sufficiently tested, unlike the traditional medications that are properly regulated.

Choosing the right medication would require more than a gut feel. Trusting your female intuition is not an enough basis to guide you to the right choice. Your doctor will know which one will work best for you.

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