Summary: McDonald’s nutrition information and some other health-related issues.

Do Hotcakes and Sausage served with hot chocolate drink seem like the perfect breakfast? Would lunch be more exciting if it was a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, with large fries on the side, and a large Coke Float? Will dinner be complete without a Hot Fudge Sundae?

So you’re probably not a health buff. Calories would not elicit more than a shrug of your shoulder. And why would it not? As with other fast food restaurants, McDonald’s have become a big part in the eating patterns of most families. The convenience of getting foods from these establishments has slowly decreased the need to prepare home-made meals.

McDonald’s nutrition information is a way for customers to know how much nutritional stuff they are taking in from their food choices. These McDonald’s nutrition labels will soon be placed on the food wrappers so that people will make responsible menu choices.

People who have been nonchalant with the McDonald’s nutrition information on their food choices may soon find out that the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for calories can be achieved with a single meal order. Thus, there is a need to educate customers with the nutritional content on the foods that they are buying.

Individuals who are on a strict diet program are not unwelcome in McDonald’s. McDonald’s nutrition drive extends to those who need foods that can fit into their balanced diet. A visit to their website will provide you so much more than calorie content information on the different menu items. The site also offers food exchanges for the most popular foods to help diabetes and overweight patients plan their meals. These popular food items are also listed along with the top food allergens as part of the McDonald’s nutrition awareness drive.

Another website that gives a breakdown on the calorie content of the menu items in McDonald’s is However, a more comprehensive McDonald’s nutrition facts and other helpful tips can be found in McDonald’s very own website. Their attempt to educate people on the McDonald’s nutrition information even goes as far as giving out vital meal plans for patients with different nutritional requirements. People who need to cut down their calorie, fat, and carbohydrate intake will find these suggestions very helpful when you order your next McDonald meal. There are also suggestions on better meal options for kids.

Whew! And you thought McDonald’s should be totally off your diet huh? The next time you visit your favorite McDonald’s branch though, look beyond the tempting picture food ads. And while the Happy Meal toy is a charming little thing, your kid may need more than that from his meal.