Massachusetts Paralegal Association

Massachusetts Paralegal Association

Established in 1975, the Massachusetts Paralegal Association (MPA) is the oldest and largest of its kind in the state. It is dedicated to the improvement and development the legal assistant profession.

Viewpoint is the official publication of the Massachusetts Paralegal Association (MPA). It contains a complete information that is considered relevant for them. It is published in a quarterly basis and is given without any charge for all its members.

Officers of the Massachusetts Paralegal Association (MPA) are elected by their legitimate constituents in a meeting held in an annual basis. That means to say that the term is only good for a year. Those who will get to be chosen effectively start on January 1. As for the Board of Directors, the votation is also the same as with the representatives.

Presently, Massachusetts Paralegal Association’s president is Cindy Quinn. Their treasurer is Nancy Loubier and Kathryn Hunt as the clerk with Joan McNamara as her assistant. Kimberly Kessler for the Events Committee, Andrea Battis for the Fundraising Committee, Rachel Keyo for the Pro Bono Committee and Deborah Sonnenschein for the Career Development Committee. As for its section chairs, Elaine Molly is the Student Liaison, Shawna Hansen is the Corporate Liaison, Stacey Gross is the Intellectual Property Liaison, Lynne- Marie Reveliotis is the Litigation Liaison, Michelle Spinal is Trusts Liaison, Deborah Sonnenschein is the Real Estate Liaison and Claudia Staten is the Bar Liaison.

MPA’s membership is divided into several categories namely voting, associate, student and sustaining. Each of them pay a particular fee that is based on the beginning of the calendar year with a sign- up sheet every month. Each of their status is also constantly reviewed by the Board of Directors.
Voting pays annually. It is only available to any person who is working as a paralegal at the time of either application or renewal. They are given the authority to elect officers as well as discuss other matters relevant in the organization. They are also allowed to hold office if ever they will can obtain majority of the votes.
Associate pays annually. It is only available to any person who has been employed as a paralegal or who has able to finish a paralegal program. He or she is prohibited to hold any office in the organization or join in the election of officers.
Student pays annually. It is only available to any person who is enrolled in a paralegal program or who is having a paralegal internship. Upon graduation, he or she can renew the status either as voting or associate. It is also forbidden to be elected or make a votation.
Sustaining pays 0 annually. It is only available to any person who is part of an academic institution, law firm, huge companies and advertising agencies that are concerned with the betterment of the profession. He or she is also not entitled to be elect or vote.