Let’s Hear it for the Red, White, and Blue: Investment Centers of America

Let’s Hear it for the Red, White, and Blue: Investment Centers of America

Let’s face it; one of the greatest things about living in the good ol’ USA is the opportunity to better yourself, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. Ben Franklin was a proponent of the pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps mentality, and taught us all about it in his classic rags-to-riches story. The Puritans, despite the tragedy of Salem, brought with them what America needed and often still clings to – the Puritan work ethic. Immigrants flock to the shores of the United States in search of the streets paved with gold and the chance for a brighter future for their posterity, and for good reason. America truly is the land of opportunity. And Investment Centers of America can help you reach your financial and investment goals.

What is Investment Centers of America? Investment Centers of America, Inc. is a network of financial advisors available all around the country to help you make the most of your investment dollar and plan ahead for a sound financial future. Whether you are dreaming of the day when the alarm clock hits the circular file permanently and a briefcase is replaced with a fishing pole, want to make sure your kids get the college education they need to ensure their own healthy futures, or want to increase the value of your portfolio for your own personal and unique reasons, an Investment Centers of America financial advisor can help guide your path to financial security for freedom.

Do you know whether you should have life insurance or not? How much? Who should be the beneficiaries? Should you get term or whole life? What about your kids? Should you carry life insurance on them? Ask your Investment Centers of America advisor.

Exactly how do mutual funds work? Are they as risky as individual purchases of stocks? What are the benefits of them? Ask your Investment Centers of America advisor.

Are you better off putting your money in a certificate of deposit or a traditional saving plan? What if you need access immediately in case of emergency? How much should you have in liquid assets? Ask your Investment Centers of America advisor.

What are annuities? For a while, they seemed to be all the rage, but in these tough economic times, does it still make sense to invest in an annuity? How is that different from an IRA? Ask your Investment Centers of America advisor.

Regardless of whether you put the Puritan work ethic to work for you, received the benefit of an inheritance, made it big in the online industry, work hard for every dollar you get, own our own business, work for the government, are middle income or higher-income, or are looking for passive income, work for a small businessman, or are a piece of a giant corporation, it makes sense to help secure your financial future. Investment Centers of America is a trusted place to turn for assistance in making your financial decisions.